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The BCI Good Practice Guidelines Course is a foundation course based on the Business Continuity Institute's “Good Practice Guidelines 2013”. It covers the full business continuity lifecycle and helps prepare students to pass the Business Continuity Institutes Certificate in Business Continuity.

The course consists of four days training with the morning of the fifth day allocated to taking the exam. 

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Russ Paramore
BCI Good Practice Guidelines 5 day Course

"The quality of material, format of training and quality of trainer were all excellent. In over 30 years of attending many courses this was the most beneficial course I ever attended."

Overall Course Rating: 8/10

John Olusha Odeyemi
BCI Good Practice Guidelines 5 day Course

"The delivery method was very good. Brilliant."

Overall Course Rating: 10/10

Theresa Ann Whitfield
BCI Good Practice Guidelines 5 day Course

"Good refresher - particularly to get to know the terminology used in the good practice guide which can be different to that used within organisations."

Overall Course Rating: 9/10

Sean Armstrong
BCI Good Practice Guidelines 5 day Course

"The Tutor (Lyndon Bird) was excellent and couldn't be improved upon. My overall experience with BCT is 10/10"

Overall Course Rating: 10/10

Five reasons to choose us

Industry Knowledge

All our tutors are professional business continuity consultants, as well as working part-time for BCT.

Tutor Experience

We have arguably the most experienced tutors in the industry delivering courses for us, each with many years experience of providing business continuity training to a wide variety of clients and industry sectors.

Quality of Training

We closely monitor student feedback on the course, the venue and the tutor.

Course Style

We believe in hands-on, practical learning sessions.


We do not believe in just theory based learning on the course. We like to vary things by working through exercises, this gives you the opportunity to interact with the other students on the course and learn from some of their experiences in the field of Business Continuity.


Course Materials

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These materials will help you further with your BCI training.

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