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The RAAC Crisis – What Can We Learn?

Sep 08 2023

This week, Charlie discusses the ongoing RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) crisis and advises us on what we can take...

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What Can Organisations Do to Attempt to Protect Themselves from Supply Chain Risks?

Jun 02 2023

This week’s bulletin has been provided by Gavin Watt, a Senior Consultant at PlanB Consulting, who discusses how making certain...

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The Business Continuity Manager’s role in the recovery phase of coronavirus

Jun 19 2020

Charlie discusses what the Business Continuity Manager’s role should be in dealing with the recovery phrase of coronavirus. Many of...

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Panic buying toilet roll – lesson identified or learned?

Mar 27 2020

This week Charlie looks at panic buying and what lessons we can identify from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak to help...

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Preparing for a post-Brexit supply chain and logistics strategy

Mar 29 2019

British retailers that are selling online to European markets face some specific supply chain and logistics issues after Brexit. This...

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It’s tough at the top…

Feb 08 2019

Charlie looks at how the behaviour of your senior management can have a major impact on your organisation. This week...

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“Deal or No Deal”

Aug 24 2018

This week Charlie looks at Brexit and the role of the business continuity manager. At lunchtime yesterday, I asked everyone...

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The Role of the Business Continuity Manager

Dec 09 2016

This week Charlie looks at the role of the BCM within our organisations. As I have been carrying out several...

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Sending staff home after an incident – a checklist!

Nov 25 2016

This week Charlie shares some information about staffing during an incident and some of the things that should be planned...

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Selling Business Continuity to the C-suite.

May 01 2016

This bulletin week Charlie talks about the importance of senior manager buy-in within business continuity. In my last job, before...

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Chinese Supply Chain Risk

Apr 12 2016

This week Charlie looks at the importance of identifying succession within your supply chain.  I have spent a day working...

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Business Continuity relationship with Emergency Response

Mar 07 2016

This week Charlie looks at the relationship between business continuity and emergency response. I have noted within LinkedIn forums, on...

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Business vs Business Continuity – who wins?

Mar 01 2016

This week Charlie talks about the relationship between business and business continuity. The announcement this week, of a tax on...

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Supply Chain and Risk

Jan 06 2016

This week I have been teaching the BCI Supply Chain Continuity Management course, so I thought I would share some...

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The Dangers of Outsourcing​

Jun 16 2015

Thank you very much to all those who voted for me as the ‘BCI Industry Personality of the Year’ and...

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Breaking up is hard to do

Jun 04 2015

In my bulletin on 20 May 2012 I wrote about the possibility of Grexit (Greece leaving the euro), luckily this...

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