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Has Health & Safety Gone Mad?

Jul 29 2022

After witnessing a near miss incident during a fishing competition, Charlie reiterates the importance of health and safety checks, risk...

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Flu Pandemic Planning 2006 and What Really Happened!

Jul 01 2022

This week, Charlie discusses pandemic plans that were suggested back in 2006, and how they compare to the actions that...

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Scenario-specific Crisis Level Plans

Mar 25 2022

This week, Charlie discusses why scenario-specific plans are an important addition to business continuity plans. Over the last couple of...

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Hurry Up and Wait…

Feb 18 2022

Waiting is an underrated skill. This week, Charlie discusses the importance of including waiting and lulls within your exercise plans....

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Five Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning

Jan 28 2022

There are various common areas where business continuity plans fall down. Here, Colin Jeffs highlights some of these, providing his...

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Wicked Problems – What Do I Need To Know?

Nov 05 2021

Charlie discusses the theory of wicked problems, what it means for business continuity professionals and how we are able to...

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A Guide to Writing Contingency Plans/Playbooks

Aug 20 2021

This week, Charlie goes into depth about different business continuity plans, how to know which plan suits which incident, and...

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Business Continuity Capability – What is it and do I need it?

Feb 12 2021

Charlie looks at why building capability is important for implementing your business continuity plan. This week I have been working...

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Failing to plan is… The importance of contingency planning – The quarantine debacle

Feb 05 2021

This week Charlie discusses the importance of contingency planning. In this bulletin I try not to criticise the government, firstly,...

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Once COVID-19 is over, should we have a written pandemic plan? – A debate

Jan 22 2021

Should you have a pandemic plan in place? Join the debate. There is an old adage that “armies prepare to...

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Why you shouldn’t develop a new Pandemic Plan

Jul 03 2020

This week’s guest author Anthony Martin discusses why you shouldn’t develop a new Pandemic Plan based on COVID-19. As lockdown continues to...

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Part 2: Plans, huh, good God, what are they good for?

Aug 02 2019

In Part 2 of Charlie’s bulletins on business continuity plans, he looks at the different audiences and how we can...

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Plans, huh, good God, what are they good for?

Jul 26 2019

In today’s bulletin, Charlie looks at the purpose of business continuity plans and what they are really used for. Absolutely...

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Brexit II – Just when you thought it was safe!

Jun 28 2019

As both potential Prime Ministers have shown support for a no-deal Brexit, Charlie looks at decision points and synchro matrices...

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Is Your Business Continuity Old Skool?

May 31 2019

Charlie looks at how business continuity techniques and methodologies have evolved and why we have moved on from some of...

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An old threat returns

Mar 08 2019

Charlie looks at the latest spate of parcel bombs and why now might be a good time to review your...

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To invoke or not to invoke, that is the question?

Jul 06 2018

Charlie looks at incident management and discusses when the appropriate time is to ‘invoke’ or ‘activate’ the plan. For the...

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Business Continuity Plans – The Five Step Model

Jun 08 2018

This week Charlie discusses how you can improve your business continuity plans by altering the format and following five key...

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3gBC – Slimming your plans…

Feb 23 2018

In the third instalment of 3gBC, Charlie advises BC professionals how to make their plans slimmer, both immediately and radically....

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Business Continuity Learning – Where do you start?

Sep 01 2017

Reflecting on the theme for this year’s BCI Education Month, ‘Discover Business Continuity & Resilience’, Charlie looks at how newcomers to the profession...

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What is a playbook and do you need one?

Jul 28 2017

As the use of ‘playbooks’ is becoming increasingly popular, Charlie provides his thoughts on how they can be effectively used...

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How 2017 will be an amazing year for Business Resilience

Jan 27 2017

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author Paul Kudray, MSc FICPEM CBCI AMBCI Fellow of the EPC It’s easy...

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‘Do Less’ should be your 2017 business continuity New Year’s resolution!

Jan 06 2017

From all of us at BC Training we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!  The New Year...

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Why All Companies Need A Business Continuity Manager

Oct 14 2016

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialist, Yusuf Ukaye, DBCI Companies have never...

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