Bulletin / 2016

Yahoo hack: questions for Business Continuity managers!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from BC Training

The Role of the Business Continuity Manager

'Keystone RTO' a new type of RTO?

Sending staff home after an incident – a checklist!

Are business continuity and disaster recovery still on your to-do list?

Our thoughts from BCI World 2016

President Trump... Do you have a plan?

How people behave in disasters...

Does art resemble real life or vice versa…

Why All Companies Need A Business Continuity Manager

Is the PPRS (People, Premises, Resources and Suppliers) list fit for purpose...

Work like an Egyptian...

With the Olympics over, will there be a Zika virus legacy to face?

Zika Revisited...

We have a recovery plan and exercised it, what next...

Can I really rely on my entire workforce to support a recovery?

Cyber Incident Management and how it is different…

Sometimes we miss the most obvious…

Things fall apart...

It's survey time..over to you..

Five Business Continuity Lessons From The Chilcot Enquiry

Brexit - Identifying your exposure

Brexit - the opportunity?

BIA - To interview or not interview?

Revisiting Scottish Independence (April 2014) – For better for worse

Are Zooplankton a Business Continuity issue

Gaff or Crisis

Selling Business Continuity to the C-suite.

The justification for business continuity...

Chinese Supply Chain Risk

Brussels attack – same old?

Blue Swans

Defining your RTOs

Business Continuity relationship with Emergency Response

Cyber Security – is Business Continuity missing a trick?

Business vs Business Continuity – who wins?

Jimmy Savile – Lessons learned

Quote of the Day!

Supply Chain and Risk

The Importance of Culture when implementing BC

The Zika Virus and Business Continuity

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