Bulletin / 2020

A Model for Situational Awareness

The Effects of Stress on the Ability of Teams and Individuals to Manage Incidents

Building an Incident Team Competency Framework

Why, for many organisations, we are entering the most dangerous period of coronavirus.

Why you shouldn’t develop a new Pandemic Plan

The Business Continuity Manager’s role in the recovery phase of coronavirus

COVID-19 – A massive failure of risk management?

20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Iris (Scotland’s virus exercise in 2018)

Dominic Cummings – A crisis management case study

Marks out of 100 for Easyjet’s Cyber Incident Response

20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Cygnus (UK's pandemic exercise in 2016) and what happened

COVID-19 – Why you should be conducting a debrief now!

Lockdown Learning Webinar Recording - Decision Making During a Crisis

Crisis Communications - Skype to the rescue

Lockdown Learning Webinar Recording - Developing an Exercise Programme

Coronavirus Response: The Peak-End Rule

Lockdown Learning Webinar - Avoiding Groupthink: Observations on Decision Making During a Crisis

Panic buying toilet roll – lesson identified or learned?

Business Continuity and Coronavirus - Marks out of 10

After coronavirus, what next?

Coronavirus Public Reaction – ‘Keep calm and carry on’ or bystander effect?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Planning - 7 Steps You Should Take Now

Decision Making During a Crisis - Decision Making Models

At last, a good example of how to respond to the reputational aspects of a cyber incident

Key Learning Points from the Scottish Continuity Groups Seminar on the 4th February 2020

Pandemic Planning - What is a Pandemic Operating Regime, and do I need one?

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) - Should we panic?

The Case Against Situational Crisis Communication Theory

Travelex - A review of their crisis communications

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A Model for Situational Awareness

Charlie shares a model of situational awareness from the Endsley paper and discusses how this can be applied to incident management.

31 July 2020

“Charlie [Maclean-Bristol] was a great tutor, both knowledgeable and approachable. A great course!”

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