Bulletin / Exercise Planning

Tips for improving your approach to business continuity exercises

What Happens When You Lose a Leader?

Hints and Tips for Delivering Online Business Continuity Training and Exercises

Hurry Up and Wait…

Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

Hints and Tips for Running SIMEX Exercises

What Can We Learn? - Afghanistan 2021

Hypercomplexity: Which Incidents Should We Be Preparing For?

My Thoughts On Online Exercises

20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Iris (Scotland’s virus exercise in 2018)

20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Cygnus (UK's pandemic exercise in 2016) and what happened

Why the scenario is not important in most exercises

Recent Terrorist Attacks – Practice Makes Perfect

Business Continuity Management Exercises Webinar

Man down - Live exercising some thoughts...

Work like an Egyptian...

We have a recovery plan and exercised it, what next...

Business Continuity relationship with Emergency Response

Je Suis Paris

Communication system let me down. Why you need a notification system.

7/7 Lessons revisited

Making Command Post Exercises as realistic as possible

Terrorist Attacks – What a BCM should do

7 Crisis Management lessons from conducting strategic level exercises

What do you take with you during a fire evacuation

Send in Eeyore

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