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Aug 10, 2018

This week Charlie shares some useful sources of Business Continuity information.

I thought today I would point you in the direction of three different sets of business continuity resources which I find very useful, and even better that they are free.

1.     Youtube. If you want a video of most things and events you can find it on YouTube. So, if you are doing an exercise or presentation make it more interesting by showing a video of the event. If your scenario is an office on fire you will be able to find lots of videos of offices on fire. It may not be your office on fire but at least it will set the scene. If you want a news report on an incident you want to use for training, such as the Starbucks racism incident, again you can find a clip of the news report. In PowerPoint, built into the software, you can cut the video so you can play just the part you need! People love video for exercises and training. If you want something more fancy done to your video or don’t want to change it yourself, post what you require on and someone will do it for you. Alas not for free but people on there have reasonable rates.

2.     Melissa Agness’s website. I was interviewed by her this week for a video podcast she is putting together. We discussed crisis management and the business continuity qualification, and are you qualified to do your job? She has a vast amount of resources on her site from 60+ hour long podcasts, to diagrams and flowcharts. The information is of good quality and I have use the resources often. If you have a long journey or commute use the time usefully by listening to her podcasts. Her new video podcasts are out in the autumn.

3.     This bulletin. I asked my daughter Phoebe to catalogue the bulletins and was surprised to find that there were over 250 of them covering a vast range of business continuity subjects. They range from case studies to technical aspects of business continuity. They can be found on or if you want to search them for a key word there is a set on

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