In Praise of JESIP

Jun 1, 2018

This week Charlie highlights the importance of using best practice and local guidance, introducing JESIP as a useful resource for BC professionals.

One of the things business continuity professionals should understand is the emergency services local to the organisation they are business continuity planning for. This could include how the emergency services organise themselves in response to an incident, which organisation leads (in the UK it is the police), and what the specific roles of each organisation are. Issues such as whether they will notify families of deceased or severely injured people and how they manage the media should be understood. Different countries have different ways of managing these issues.

I also think it is important we use best practice and local guidance when we are developing our plans and responses. If we use, when appropriate, tools and techniques from the emergency services or from government guidance, we can say we are following best practice. There is always a danger for us if we make up tools and techniques and we are ever challenged in court about why we used certain methodologies. Following established practice is a good way of protecting ourselves. 

This is where JESIP comes in. This is best practice used by the UK emergency services. It covers decision making, reporting incidents, map symbols, risks and a multitude of other useful information which you might need in an incident. It also comes with an app which you can use as a reminder of the tools. The site is not huge and the information is presented in a very accessible way. I suggest you have a roam around it, as there are lots of tools, techniques and information which you could use or adapt for business continuity! I, as a British taxpayer, have paid for it to be developed, so I think everyone should make use of it!

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