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Lockdown Learning Webinar Recording - Developing an Exercise Programme

Author: Charlie Maclean-Bristol, Training Director, FBCI, FEPS

Today's Lockdown Learning Webinar looked at some of the issues seen with one-off exercising, how to develop an exercise programme and what it should cover.

Too often, those responsible for business continuity, exercise without a lot of thought when they run their once a year exercise. The exercise will be well run, but does it actually verify the recovery solutions, does it progressively teach new skills and does it actually improve business continuity or does it just provide an "escape room" afternoon of entertainment for participants?

Today's webinar covered:

  • Some of the issues seen with one-off exercising
  • Developing an exercise programme and what it should cover
  • How to verify recovery solutions
  • Demonstrating continual improvement and capability through exercising


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