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Lockdown Learning Webinar Recording - Decision Making During a Crisis

Author: Charlie Maclean-Bristol, Training Director, FBCI, FEPS

Today's Lockdown Learning Webinar looks at some of the issues with decision making during a crisis and how your decision making can be improved.

Most organisations are using their crisis management or strategic team plus other levels of team to manage the present coronavirus incident. This webinar looks at some of the difficulties in making a decision during a crisis or major incident, and some of the ways your decision making can be improved.

Todays webinar covered:

1. Issues with decision making during a crisis - "civilian" responders versus professional responders
2. The importance of the 'strategic corporal' - strategic impact of operational decisions
3. Big decisions or small ones? Importance of strategic direction or incident objectives
4. Decision making models - do they add value?
5. Situational awareness and information management
6. A new model for decision making


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15 January 2021

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Roland Evans
Metropolitan Police Service
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