Top 10 Bulletins of 2018

Dec 21, 2018

With 2019 almost here, we thought we’d count down our Top 10 bulletins of 2018.

1. FCK – Comments on the KFC Crisis

‘The lesson here is that if your organisation is going through a critical change, you must make sure that there is no possibility of it going wrong.’

Charlie shares his thoughts on the KFC chicken shortage and the lessons BC professionals can take from how the crisis was handled.

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2. Glasgow School of Art Fire – Business Continuity and Insurance

‘Do us business continuity people really understand what insurance is in place, whether it is sufficient enough and how to make sure that we consider the needs of the insurance company during the management of an incident?’

Charlie discusses the fire at Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building and the questions business continuity professionals should be able to answer about their organisation’s insurance.

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3. Extreme Business Continuity – Lessons from Hurricane Maria

‘We hope this could not happen to us, as we are too organised and our emergency services would get the power up and running quickly. Our services are resilient, but that’s what those living in Puerto Rico thought before it happened.’

Reflecting on his time in Puerto Rico, Charlie shares what he learned from the experiences of those impacted by the events of Hurricane Maria.

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4. H&M Hoodie Crisis

‘When we are teaching crisis communications, we advise that you can communicate a message on the incident, but that message has to be backed up by some kind of action. It is difficult to prove that as an organisation you are not racist, so you have to do something to emphasise the point.’

Charlie looks at the H&M hoodie scandal and outlines the lessons BC professionals can take from the incident.

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5. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times… Observations on the Manchester Bombing

‘I don’t think anyone could not feel proud to be British or Mancunian after the whole area’s response to the incident. There were many individual acts of kindness, both immediately after the bomb and also long after the event.’

Charlie discusses the Kerslake report into the emergency response to the Manchester Arena attack.

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6. There’s no business, like snow business…

‘My take away from the snow is that it shows the lack of preparation, planning and decision making from many organisations. This is an opportunity for those of us in the business continuity profession to raise our relevance and get some traction with senior management to continue our planning roles.’

This year, the ‘Beast from the East’ combined with Storm Emma to cause the UK’s worst weather in years. Charlie looks at the lessons BC professionals can take from the incident to prepare for future severe weather events.

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7. Russell Hume Production Shutdown – Some Observations

‘The impression was that they were completely unprepared for an incident and were caught like a “rabbit in the headlights”, hoping that by ignoring the scandal it would go away. We all know that burying your head in the sand does not make an incident go away, negative comments and rumours will fill the void if you don’t defend yourself and failure to speak to your customers is likely to make the incident worse.’

Charlie looks at the Russell Hume meat scandal, including the organisation’s response and the implications of having a single supplier for one of your key products.

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8. LA LA LA I am not listening…

‘Most teachers of crisis management will tell you that silence is not a crisis management strategy and you should always engage with those commenting and responding to your crisis. This is sage advice in most instances, but sometimes you have to recognise that silence is the best strategy.’

Charlie argues that during some crises it is best not to listen to the angry voices attacking you, but to keep quiet and weather the storm, as it will quickly dissipate.

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9. “Deal or No Deal”

‘If nobody is doing anything about Brexit planning in your organisation, I suggest you make top management aware they need to start a contingency plan. Otherwise, make your services available to help them develop the contingency plans and plan how they might configure the organisation to deal with ‘no deal’ should it occur.’

Charlie looks at Brexit and the role of the business continuity manager.

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10. War, what is it good for…?

‘We as business continuity professionals have to be aware of world events and make sure we anticipate and report upward the possible impact on our organisation. All the time we should be providing value in our role and protecting the organisation which employs us.’

Charlie advises business continuity professionals to be aware of world events and consider the potential impact on their organisations.

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The BC Training Team

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