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Tweets from the ISO22301 Annual Certification Audit in Sweden (December 2014)

Author: Charlie Maclean-Bristol

This week Charlie shares his Tweets and learning points from the ISO 22301 Annual Certification Audit in Sweden.

Last week I was in Sweden with a client who we had taken to ISO22301 last year. On Thursday and Friday we were audited as part of the Annual Certification Audit. The following were my tweets from the audit and my learning points. I hope you find them useful!

 #ISO22301- I today will be tweeting from our ISO22301 surveillance audit in Sweden - Live

 #ISO22301-live Remember to book a room for your auditor and not running round 5 minutes before the start of the audit!

 #ISO22301-Live Interesting discussion of what regulations have to be mentioned in the documentation which ones beyond BC ones

 #ISO22301-live Potential client finding company had ISO22301 Senior managers said BC has now paid for itself!

 #ISO22301-live Don't forget there is lots of sitting around while the auditor reads documents - take your computer along!!

 #ISO22301-live At least once in three years last one before recertification the auditor must come on to site and do a full audit to ISO22301

 #ISO22301- Live Nothing wrong with going out for a good lunch in the middle of the audit!

 #ISO22301- Live Take the auditor on a tour of the data centre!!

 #ISO22301- Live Need to make sure in management review that issues are not closed down and not have the time keep being extended.

 #ISO22301-Live You can do internal audits in repose to an incident rather than just a planned one - audit can be dynamic rather at set times

 #ISO22301-Live Within the BIA when identifying activities, perhaps there should be an identifier whether an activity is outsourced.

 #ISO22301-Live Feedback raise awareness of incident reporting put in the chronology of the incident

 #ISO22301-Live Feedback don't keep postponing actions in Management Review

 #ISO22301-Live Feedback more dynamic approach to Audit perhaps after an incident e.g. a route cause analysis

 #ISO22301-Live Don't let the auditor get to the office before you!!

 #ISO22301-Live If you declare that you have more staff it might increase the size of the audit (and cost)

 #ISO22301-Live Don't forget the auditor will always want to do a tour of the office!

 #ISO22301-Live Auditors now gone and passed surveillance visit with no minor or major nonconformities!

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