Course Overview

This course is about understanding supply chains, how they are managed and how to add resilience measures to them, and therefore, the business.

If you are interested in arranging this course for your workplace call:
UK 01253 542650
Rest of world +441253542650

What's included?

  • Course slides and notes
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Certificate of attendance
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Details & Programme

This course teaches how to engage with those responsible for procurement and their teams, to embed business continuity and resilience into the business supply chain.

Day 1

09451015Professional Practice 1 - Policy and Programme
10151045Outsourcing - Bought in services
10451100Supply Chain Resilience - In Supply Chain
11001115Professional Practice 3 - Analysis
11301145Category Management - A Collaborative Approach
11451215Supply Chain Management - A Project Approach
12151230Break Out - Task
13301345Break Out - Feedback
13451430Supply Chain Resilience - Example
14301515Supply Chain Management - Sourcing Strategy
15151530Professional Practice 4 - Design
15301600Professional Practice 5 - Implementation
16151630Professional Practice 6 - Validation
16301700Course Review
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Course Benefits

Completing this course will enable you to:

  • Understand supply chains and their component parts
  • Develop value for money supply chain resilience solutions
  • Understand how to engage with staff responsible for awarding more resilient contracts
  • Create Top Management reports so that the report supports the concepts of building supply chain resilience

Completing this course will contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Further information can be found on the BCI's website here.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Business continuity practitioners
  • Individuals who source and buy products or services
  • Individuals who write procurement contracts and service level agreements
  • Supply chain manager
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In-house Options

Please contact the BC Training team on 01253 542650 or email, should you wish to discuss options for delivering this course in-house at your organisation.

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“We were delighted to use BC Training and especially happy to have James Royds to conduct our training course. Our team is now all training up to CBCI and we are looking forward to further training courses in the future. Many thanks for enabling this all to happen.”

Hassan AlAlawi
nogaholding, Bahrain

Overall course rating: 10/10


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