Business Continuity Professionals: What do you need to do now?

Course Overview

This online session will look in detail at the actions Business Continuity Professionals should be taking now, to prepare their organisations for the landscape and challenges beyond COVID-19.

Written by business continuity expert and BC Training Director, Charlie Maclean-Bristol FBCI, the session will include a Q&A section for delegates to ask Charlie any questions they may have.

The materials and content for this training will be updated prior to the session, in line with the ongoing and changing situation, and any new UK Government advice.

If you are interested in arranging this course for your workplace call:
UK 01253 542650
Rest of world +44 1253 542650

What's included?

  • Q&A Section
  • Access to recorded session after the live session has run
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Details & Programme

The session is broken down into a number of topics and actions which should be considered by business continuity professionals to prepare themselves and their organisation for the new landscape beyond COVID-19, and the possible changes with their organisation's operating environment.

As business continuity professionals, we often find ourselves and our organisations’ reacting to events as and when they happen. By scenario planning, we will be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that arise as a result of the new normal.

The session will be presented by Charlie Maclean-Bristol FBCI, who has over 23 years of experience in the business continuity industry. Charlie is a former BCI board member and was awarded Industry Personality of the Year 2018 at the BCI European Awards.

Topics Covered

  • Learning from the response to date and updating existing plans
  • How to avoid 'fighting the last war'
  • Debriefing methodologies
  • Developing lessons identified
  • Forming a ‘plan-ahead team’
  • Developing scenarios for multiple versions of your future
  • Developing scenario time frames
  • Identifying decision and trigger points
  • How the changes in the landscape may affect future risks and incidents
  • How the BC professional job role may change and how to prepare for possible changes
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Course Benefits

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Choose appropriate debriefing methodologies for capturing the lessons learned from COVID-19
  • Interpret the relevant lessons learned by your organisation from the pandemic and how this could affect business continuity planning in the future
  • Design a team who will consider the new normal for your organisation after COVID-19
  • Understand some of the potential future issues associated with the role of the business continuity professional
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Who Should Attend?

This session is aimed at those involved with their organisation's response to COVID-19 and looking to ‘get ahead of the incident’, by anticipating future issues and opportunities.

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In-house Options

If you would like this training delivered for your organisation only, please contact the BC Training team on 01253 542650 or email

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22 January 2021

“A very informative course, easy to work through but requires self discipline, making time to both read the content and revise prior to sitting the exam. The latter to one side, an enjoyable course and content not too complicated to understand.”

Karim El-Khawaja
Armel Risk Limited
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