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Crisis Comms & Public Relations after a Cyber Security Incident (Classroom or Live Online)

1 Day
$6,160.00 + VAT 

A one day non-technical course, aimed at preparing organisations to manage their crisis communications and Public Relations after a cyber security incident. The course is aimed at both communications and PR professionals, as well as crisis, resilience and business continuity professionals.

What’s included?

  • Course slides and notes
  • Certificate of attendance


Course Overview

The Crisis Comms & Public Relations after a Cyber Security Incident course will teach participants how to understand the requirements of responding to a cyber incident and how to develop appropriate communications under the particular circumstances of a cyber incident. Topics include cyber risk assessments, crisis response hierarchy and working with CIRT teams and learning from other organisation’s communications’ successes and failures.

This Crisis Comms & Public Relations course can be run in-house at your premises or it can be delivered live online.

“Thankfully, we now live in a world where it is accepted that data breaches happen and organisations are more comfortable disclosing that they have been victim to an attack. However, with this welcome move away from victim blaming, organisations are now being judged more on how well they manage a breach.”Brian Honan, Computer Weekly

    Course Objectives

    • Understanding of the key concepts of business continuity
    • Introduction of business continuity management to your organisation
    • Identify the main requirements of ISO 22301
    • Identify critical business functions and potential disruption

    Duration & Cost

    The duration of this Crisis Comms & Public Relations after a Cyber Security Incident training is 1 day and up to 12 people can attend one course.

    The cost of this training (ex VAT) is £4,950.00 / €5,775.00 / $6,160.00 for 1 day and £3,950.00 / €4,605.00 / $4,910.00 for subsequent days, plus tutor expenses. Bespoke work may incur additional costs.

    Course Overview

    Module 1 – Introduction to Cyber and the Threat Landscape
    • What are the possible types of cyber attacks?
    • Double and triple ransomware attacks
    • Good & poor communications and PR practice examples in response to cyber incidents
      Module 2 – Understanding your organisation’s threats, level of preparation and impacts if an attack were to occur
      • What are the particular threats to your organisation?
      • How to understand the impact of a cyber incident
      • Cyber security standards and what you have in place
      • Data risk assessment – what you have to lose and the consequences if there is a data breach
        Module 3 – Crisis Communications Response Framework
        • Roles and responsibilities of Communications and PR during cyber incidents
        • Communications role within a CIRT
        • Coordination of internal and external communications
          Module 4 – Communications Response Strategies
          • Low profile and maximum exposure communications strategies – what has worked and what has not
          • The benefits and downsides of each communications channel
          • Responding on a full ransomware lockout when channels and information may not be available to responders
          • Preparation for a cyber incident, including website preparation and providing information to stakeholders
            Module 5 – SEPA Case Study
            • Learning from the SEPA cyber incident of Christmas 2020, including a review of external communications
              Module 6 – Stakeholder Identification and Regulatory Reporting
              • Identifying the stakeholders which need to be communicated with under different scenarios
              • Statutory and regulatory reporting
              • Requirements and timings for reporting to the ICO
              • Development of an effected stakeholder communications plan in response of ICO reporting requirements
                Module 7 – Developing Lines to Take and Responding During a Cyber Security Incident
                • Developing lines to take in response strategies and writing internal communications statements
                • Use of appropriate language and terms
                • Framing your response
                • Explaining ransomware pay or not to pay decisions
                • Identify appropriate support to be offered to those affected
                • Exercise to practice skills learned
                  Final Quiz and Feedback
                  • Final quiz to check understanding
                  • Debrief of the course
                  • Actions and next steps

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                    Course benefits

                    • Know what actions you can take now to ensure that you are prepared
                    • Communication with stakeholders will define your organisation’s success or failure during a cyber incident
                    • Avoid making the same communication mistakes other organisations have made responding

                    Who Should Attend?

                    • Communications and PR professionals
                    • Crisis, risk and business continuity practitioners

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