Incident Management Support Training

Course Overview

BC Training believe that well-trained administration people are an essential part of the incident room staff. This Incident Management Support Training course will give administration staff the skills and confidence to perform their role effectively.

If you are interested in arranging this course for your workplace call:
UK 01253 542650
Rest of world +441253542650

What's included?

  • Course slides and notes
  • Certificate of attendance
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Details & Programme

Administration staff play a crucial role in the incident room, in order to make sure it is running efficiently and that staff are able to respond and manage an incident. They are involved in a number of tasks, including the initial set up of the room, logging information and decisions, managing information, facilitating communications and may also be responsible for catering.


  • Role of the administration person
  • Setting up the incident room and incident room facilities
  • Managing information and use of incident boards
  • Logging information and defensible decision making
  • Communication skills and managing and facilitating team communications
  • Adding value to incident management
  • Pre-incident and post incident tasks

The Incident Management Support Training course will contain a mixture of teaching and delegates will have the opportunity to practice what they have learned.

Course Authors

This training has been developed by Charlie Maclean-Bristol and Kim Maclean-Bristol.

Duration & Cost

The Incident Management Support Training will be over one day and up to 16 students can attend one course.

The cost of this course is £3,950 plus tutor expenses. Bespoke work may incur additional costs.

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Who Should Attend?

The Incident Management Support Training is aimed at those who have been designated an admin role in their plan and must provide administrative support to the incident management team at strategic, tactical and operational level.

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