Course Overview

Logging incident information and decisions is an essential part of incident management and is required at all levels within an organisation. This training will give you the essential skills required to record decisions and actions which, in turn, will help you prove that during an incident you conducted your role to the best of your ability.

During the course, delegates will be able to use their microphones to take part in discussions and ask the tutor any questions, there is also the option to use a webcam too. Interactivity features used during the training may include the use of breakout sessions for group work, polls and quizzes. The course is delivered via GoToTraining.

If you are interested in arranging this course for your workplace call:
UK 01253 542650
Rest of world +44 1253 542650

What's included?

  • Q&A Discussion
  • Access to recorded session after the live session has run
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Details & Programme

Two years after an incident you may well find yourself in court having to justify your actions, communications and decisions. Can you remember all that time ago, why you made a decision and what information you had at the time?

To ensure that you are personally protected as well as your organisation, personal logging of all information during an incident is essential. Furthermore, logging all actions will ensure you are able to defend all of the decisions that were made during a crisis, this can be used for defence in court should legal action be taken against you or your organisation.


  • Why do we log and what are the consequences of not logging information
  • The loggist role
  • The logging process and what information to record
  • Logging in different situations including individual logging, logging for senior managers and logging meetings
  • Recording decisions and ‘defensible decision making’
  • Logging information electronically; how does this differ from paper logging
  • Post incident actions to secure information

Skills taught and developed through the course will be rehearsed through interactive activities.

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Who Should Attend?

The training is aimed at anyone who has a role in responding to an incident and is a member of an incident management team. It is not just aimed at administration staff, although it is important that they attend.

The training is also aimed at senior managers who may have to justify their decision making, advisors or specialists who may have to justify the advice they have given, and for more junior staff who may have to account for their actions.

If you are involved in incident management, you should attend this course!

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In-house Options

If you would like this training delivered for your organisation only, the cost is £1950 for up to 15 delegates.

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22 January 2021

“This was a valuable course since it helped the delegates collectively to understand their current level of maturity in managing supplier risk and the improvements they needed to make. It has instilled some momentum among the group of people who now need to take this forward.”

John Stanley
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