BC Training delivers our first NCSC Certified Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents course

2 Mar 2021

Over the past two days, we have been delivering our first National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Certified Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents course.

Following the recent rebranding of GCHQ Certified Training to NCSC Certified Training, our Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents course has been updated and we have been delivering the first course live online with author of the course, Charlie Maclean-Bristol.

The NCSC Certified Training scheme provides a benchmark for cyber security training, by guaranteeing the high quality training materials and course delivery. Individuals and organisations can therefore be confident that the training they receive is consistent with industry best practice.

APMG are the appointed independent certification body for NCSC Certified Training. In order to receive certification, the course materials, tutors and administration processes related to the training underwent a rigorous assessment.

What are the benefits of choosing NCSC Certified Training?

  • Individuals and organisations can quickly identify high quality, relevant training
  • The course materials have been thoroughly assessed against NCSC’s high standards
  • Every tutor’s delivery and subject matter knowledge has been vetted
  • The administration processes related to the course have been quality checked

Our two day non-technical course is aimed at preparing organisations to manage their cyber response at the strategic/crisis management level. It is currently the only certified course which deals with reputational issues associated with preparing for and responding to a cyber incident.

Modules Covered

  • Module 1: Cyber Threats and Landscape
  • Module 2: Prepare – Understanding your vulnerabilities and risks
  • Module 3: Prepare – Developing a cyber incident response framework
  • Module 4: Prepare – Awareness and Cyber Exercises
  • Module 5: Respond – Overview of incident management and technical cyber response
  • Module 6: Respond – Executive Incident Management
  • Module 7: Respond – Crisis Communications and Reputation Management
  • Module 8: Recovery – Using existing BC plans to recover operations
  • Final response exercise

Our course is categorised as an Awareness Level course. Awareness courses provide an introduction and an overview of the cyber security landscape, they tend to be most suitable for those wishing to enter the profession. Core Institute of Information Security Professional (IISP) skills covered in the course include: A2, H1, B1, F1, F2, H2.

Upcoming Dates

For further information on the course, please click here.