Business Continuity Awareness Week

17 May 2021

Business Continuity Awareness Week is happening all this week and here’s how you can get involved to raise awareness.

This year, the campaign is taking place between 17th-21st May 2021.

Business continuity works best when employees are engaged and aware of their organisation’s plans in case of a crisis; when they know how to behave to mitigate risks and threats; and when they know how to react to certain situations. Business continuity starts with each member of staff, from top to bottom.

Therefore, this year’s BCAW theme is ‘Business continuity starts with you’.

To celebrate, the BCI has lots of resources on how your company can get involved and become more aware! Follow the links to get more information:

BCAW 2021 Blog Competition

Submit a short blog on the following title ‘Top 5 ways to improve business continuity awareness within your organisation’ and get the chance to win a £150 Amazon voucher and 10 BCI introductory eLearning courses to use within your organisation.

The blogs will need to follow the below guidelines:

  • Max 500 words and will need to have a bullet point/numeric structure.
  • The language should be short and concise.
  • No references to organizations’ names, products, services and or solutions.
  • Include practical tips & examples.
  • Optional – make them ‘fun’

Social Media Competition

Take part in the BCI’s social media competition for a chance to win one of two £50 Amazon vouchers! You can enter the competition on Twitter or LinkedIn…here is how – in one sentence, the BCI want to know your top-tip for raising internal awareness of Business Continuity within an organisation, share it on:

Twitter: using #BCAW2021 or tagging @TheBCEye

LinkedIn: by tagging the BCI’s official LinkedIn page

There is so much you, and your employees can get involved, and learn just a little bit more about why business continuity is so important!