COP26 and Our New Tree Planting Programme!

8 Nov 2021

With COP26 being on every news channel and in the forefront of our minds, it got us at BCT thinking. As a small company, how can we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute towards making an eco-friendly world?

What is COP26?

Essentially it’s a conference that hosts over 130 heads of state, government officials and thousands of diplomats. Subjects surrounding issues with fossil fuels, global warming and solutions to these problems are discussed, with plans and targets being made. Climate change is at a pivotal turning point, with scientists claiming we have only 10 years to reduce emissions enough and keep the planet below 1.5 degrees of warming. This is the time to make big moves to make an impactful decision.

What can we do?

As we’re sure you know, deforestation plays a huge part in global warming and actually accounts for a ¼ of all greenhouse gas emissions! Cutting down trees releases huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, masses of habitats are lost, resulting in the extinction of animals, plants, homes and every year the harvest gets worse.

This leads us to our new tree planting programme! We are very excited to play a small part towards a better and environmentally friendly future. Going forward, we will be planting trees on the Isle of Coll in Scotland to account for our printing, electricity and fuel used. This past year we have made a huge move into e-learning, remote training and digital resources, which we are only going to be encouraging more of. Below we have listed our new tree policies!

Tree policies:

  • 1 tree planted per person for classroom training (to account for any hard copy materials, GPGs, fuel)
  • 1 tree planted per course for live online training (to account for electricity used)
  • 1 tree planted per e-learning TQUK hard copy certificate (to account for card, printing and shipping)

We can’t wait to get started and share our progress with you!