UPDATED COURSE – BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management (NCSC Certified Training)

27 May 2021

We are excited to announce we have updated our highly popular NCSC Certified Training Course, and it now has a brand new name BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management and comes with an NCSC examination.

Now more than ever cyber security is something to take seriously, the number of cyber incidents has grown, affecting organisations large and small. High profile incidents such as Sony, TalkTalk, and the Petya and NHS ransomware attacks, have had a major impact on the operations and reputation of the organisations.

By taking the BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management you will learn how to prepare your organisation, how to develop an effective response and how to manage an incident should it occur. The course is based on good practice from a variety of government and private organisations and has been certified by NCSC. It is the only certified course which deals with reputational issues associated with preparing for and responding to a cyber incident.

It’s a two day non-technical course, aimed at preparing organisations to manage their cyber response at the strategic/crisis management level. Topics include cyber risk assessments, playbook development, GDPR reporting incidents and reputation management. The course now includes a 1 hour multiple choice exam taken individually after the training.

Completing this course will enable you to:

  • Understand the different types of cyber attack and cyber incident landscape
  • Look at the preparation which can be carried out prior to a cyber incident occurring
  • Create a cyber playbook
  • Identify the responses and issues associated with responding to a cyber attack
  • Plan and run a cyber exercise

What are the benefits of choosing NCSC Certified Training?

  • Individuals and organisations can easily and quickly identify high quality, relevant training
  • The course materials have been rigorously assessed against the exacting standards of NCSC
  • The quality of the trainers’ delivery and the course administration has been quality checked
  • The training is based on the industry-respected IISP Skills Framework
  • NCSC certified training is invaluable for anyone seeking to acquire or improve their cyber security skills, including those seeking the NCSC’s Certified Professional status (CCP)
  • NCSC certified courses identify training that delivers what it says it will

You can read all about the course and upcoming dates right here >