CBCI Exam - Classroom Version


CBCI Exam - Classroom Version


The CBCI exam tests your knowledge of the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) – the comprehensive guide to industry best practice for business continuity and resilience.

We recommend you take the CBCI Certification Course to prepare for this exam. However, experienced business continuity practitioners can sit the exam without training. The classroom exam can be taken on the Friday morning of any of our public CBCI Certification Courses.

Those sitting the CBCI exam will need a copy of the Good Practice Guidelines 2018 (electronic copy also available), as the exam is based on the book. The BCI Online Mock CBCI Examination Questions are also a useful revision tool for the exam. These products are not included with the exam. If you would like to purchase them, please click on the links and add the products to your basket.

The examination consists of 120 multiple choice questions which candidates will have 2 hours to complete. An additional 30 minutes time may be granted to those who are non-native English speakers or have learning difficulties, but evidence must be given and the extra time must be approved prior to the exam. A score of 70 is required to pass the exam, and a score of 85 is required to pass the exam with merit.

Upon successful completion of the examination, delegates are entitled to use CBCI credentials and also receive complimentary membership to the BCI for 12 months.

After passing the exam, your CBCI certification is valid for three years, subject to an annual membership fee. Most professionals achieve the CBCI and then progress to more senior levels of BCI membership. For most, this will happen within three years. If you have not progressed after three years then you will need to re-sit the CBCI exam.

The CBCI Classroom Exam is available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. Please let us know if you require an exam in any of the above languages that are not English.

The price of the exam is £400 (ex VAT) - this includes a £50 arrangement fee.

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