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Introduction to Organisational Resilience

James McAlister Video Bio

Charlie Maclean-Bristol Video Bio

BBC Radio Scotland with Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Charlie Maclean-Bristol on BBC Radio Scotland advising organisations how to prepare for severe weather.

CBCI Certification Course - Testimonials

Ask The Expert Webinar With Sadia Anwar - A Beginner's Guide to Cyber Security

A Beginner's Guide to Cyber Security, presented by Sadia Anwar, from PlanB Consulting.

Out with the old, in with the new: Changing perceptions of Business Continuity

BCI Education Month webinar, with Chris Rhodes and Gordon Brown, from PlanB Consulting.

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Watch the video clip below for a quick introduction to our sister company, PlanB Consulting.

Ask The Expert Webinar With Ralph Petti - Supply Chain Business Continuity Planning

Ask The Expert webinar on Supply Chain Business Continuity Planning, with industry expert and director of Continuity Dynamics, Ralph Petti.

Ask The Expert Webinar With James McAlister - Building Crisis and Incident Management Teams

Ask The Expert webinar on Building Crisis and Incident Management Teams, with the Chair of the BCI and BC Training tutor, James McAlister.

Ask The Expert Webinar With Ewan Donald - BCM Exercises

Ask The Expert webinar on BCM Exercises, with Senior Consultant and BC Training tutor, Ewan Donald.

Ask The Expert Webinar With Charlie Maclean-Bristol - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

The first of our monthly Ask The Expert webinars, on Business Impact Analysis (BIA), with industry expert and weekly BC bulletin author, Charlie Maclean-Bristol.

Business Continuity Awareness Week: Cyber Security Is Everyone's Responsibility

Cyber security is everyone's responsibility, so play your part in building a resilient organisation. That is the key message for Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017. While organisations have a responsibility to make sure that the resources are in place to achieve this, there are steps that each and every one of us can take to support this, and this video outlines what some of these steps are.

Business Continuity Management - The Time Is Now

Every second of every day somewhere in the world disasters are happening -- man-made and natural -- events that can harm people and businesses. We can't stop them occurring, but we can be prepared. When disaster strikes, the clock is ticking; and when the clock is ticking, businesses that practice BCM are ahead of the game! This video explains what BCM is and why you should be doing it.

Creating A Business Continuity Plan

Bob Mellinger, President of Attainium Corporation, discusses creating a Business Continuity Plan.