Are business continuity and disaster recovery still on your to-do list?

Nov 18, 2016

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author, and Managing Director of Capital Continuity, Lee Exall.

It’s the final quarter of 2016 and this period of the year is always the busiest time for the business continuity and disaster recovery sector, but why is this?

I suspect that the main reason is that business continuity and disaster recovery – let’s call it BC/DR since they are often managed hand in hand –  is one of those projects which unfortunately slips down the list in many organisations due to other core business priorities taking precedent. BC/DR management can be a bit of a grudge activity, especially when it is a role that is performed in addition to someone’s main job; and it is easy to let it slide when there are many other competing objectives. This situation may continue through the year until we reach the final quarter and realise that BC/DR is still there on our to-do list.

While the above situation is understandable, is protecting the critical systems which run your business really a back-burner project?

I’m passionate about businesses staying available and thriving and I certainly don’t believe in scare mongering and proclaiming that doomsday is just around the corner; it’s clear that in any business BC/DR can’t be the only focus, but… just for a few seconds, imagine your business today operating without some or all of its data or critical IT systems being available.  How long would it be before your staff or customers experience challenges? How would you explain to your superiors that the reason that your business continuity and disaster recovery plans didn’t work properly was because a review of the procedures – or, worse, the whole BC/DR project – is still on your to-do list?

Finger snap… and you’re back in the room!

Whether your IT systems are on-premise or cloud-based, they all require a solution to ensure they are continually available to enable optimal business activity.

So, as the festive season draws closer please check your business protection and recoverability is in good shape; and, if you still need any encouragement to do so, please seriously consider moving your BC/DR project to the top of your list.

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