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Why do we not believe…?

This week, Charlie discusses the big question...why do we not trust warnings, that we believe to be completely outrageous? Also, why business continuity professionals need to implement this crucial fact into our plans.

Defining RTOs - Help Needed

This week, Charlie needs your help and advice when it comes to RTOs! Read on to learn more about his questions and thoughts regarding the changing world of business continuity.

Working in a Hybrid World - The Future of Incident & Crisis Management Rooms

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) has been running this past week to raise awareness about the new hybrid work environment and how organisations need to rethink the way they embed, validate, and raise awareness amongst their staff of Business Continuity Plans.

The theme for BCAW 2022 is Building Resilience in the Hybrid World and for this reason, we are looking back at Charlie's thoughts on working in a hybrid world.

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