Lockdown Learning Webinar – Avoiding Groupthink: Observations on Decision Making During a Crisis

Apr 3, 2020

BC Training have partnered up with our sister company, PlanB Consulting, to bring you a series of short webinars to increase your business continuity and industry knowledge. The webinars will be light relief from the doom and gloom around us and promise to be fun, stimulating and a (mainly) coronavirus-free zone.

In today’s webinar Charlie discussed decision making during a crisis and how to avoid groupthink. Even well-rehearsed teams and individuals involved in crisis management can slip into cycles of groupthink, leading to potentially damaging decisions and consequences. Charlie reflects on personal experiences and historical case studies to discuss how we can make better decisions and avoid groupthink scenarios as a team when responding to an incident or crisis.


NEXT WEBINAR: Battling the COVID-19 Infodemic – 7th April 2020 (10am – 11am) – David Hutcheson

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