My 10 Favourite Learning Podcasts

Nov 10, 2023

This week, Charlie gives an insight into some of his podcast recommendations and discusses what topics are covered and where you can listen to them yourself.

I thought for the bulletin this week, I would share a few of my favourite learning podcasts. Podcasts are always great for long car journeys or commutes. You make use of what could be dead time driving your car, by doing a little learning at the same time. Sometimes, they are a lot less work than reading a book, especially if the content is quite complex!

NameLocationWhat Is It?
The Lazarus Heist (Series 1 & 2)BBC SoundsBrilliant podcast on the Lazarus hacker group from North Korea – a great insight into a number of contemporary cyber events. I would highly recommend it.
When It Hits the FanBBC SoundsComments on contemporary news stories and how the organisations are managing the crisis.
Powerplay: The House of Sepp BlatterBBC SoundsPerhaps on the edge of crisis management, but a fascinating look into the inside of football politics.
The Grenfell Tower Inquiry PodcastBBC SoundsThere are 203 episodes available, so one for a very long car journey. I listened to some of the witness statements of those who survived. Again, a fantastic insight into some of the issues of Grenfell and the incompetence and buck-passing of the organisations which were involved in the construction.
The Hack that Changed the WorldBBC SoundsA cyber podcast but an excellent story on who was behind the 2009 hack and leak of emails that fuelled climate change sceptics. There was a thought that if this hack didn’t happen, then we would have started working on climate change issues 10 years earlier than we did.
The Reunion – The Lockerbie Bombing BBC SoundsGood podcast to learn about this disaster and the issues associated with it.
Invincible BrandApple PodcastsMelissa Agnes’ series of podcasts on crisis management. She wrote a good selling book on crisis management a while ago. Now a little out of date, but there is some good stuff to be listened to and some sage advice.
Immersive Labs – WebinarsImmersive LabsTwo or three years ago they did a fantastic series of podcasts with three of their guys discussing the latest cyber incidents. They don’t seem to do the same style of podcasts now, but have a look at their webinars. Although, to me, they may be a little sales-orientated.
Darknet Diaries – 8 June – DeviantDarknet DiariesThis episode is excellent on how physical penetration testers go about trying to get into your building.
Darknet Diaries – 4 July – The D.R IncidentDarknet DiariesAn interesting tale of a response to a major cyber incident.

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