Top 10 Bulletins of 2019

Dec 19, 2019

With 2020 approaching, we are counting down our Top 10 bulletins of 2019.

10. I am offended by this…

‘I noticed Nike had to withdraw its latest design of trainers, due to be released on July 4th, Independence Day. The trainer’s design included the Betsy Ross flag, which was used post-independence from Britain and features 13 stars, representing the 13 states which were then in the union.’

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9. Fools rush in…

‘The hearing will determine whether Folau breached Rugby Australia’s code of conduct by posting anti-gay comments on social media, or whether he exercised his right of religious freedom. His contract was terminated by Rugby Australia and Folau sought the code of conduct hearing to challenge the termination.’

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8. Hurricane Planning – New Learning Points

‘During an incident, keeping staff informed of what is going on and the actions they should take is vitally important. Staff confusion on what to do leads to poor staff morale and engagement with the response.’

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7. To recall or not to recall

‘My first thought was, how many babies have to die before you recall a product? Did they think that 5 deaths were okay, and that 15 were bad, but when it reached over 30 children, they decided this was the threshold for recall?’

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6. Drones and Airports

‘If drones are a threat and you don’t have the money to be able to afford an anti-drone system, then consider developing and exercise a response plan. If you can’t stop a threat, then you can go a long way to mitigating it by reducing the impact, through a well-practiced response and recovery plan.’

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5. All Aboard!

‘Protests can cause massive disruption to an organisation’s operations and to its reputation. As business continuity practitioners, we should have plans in place to deal with the crisis element of the protest.’

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4. One disaster leads to another… The loss of Thomas Cook

‘I am always sorry to see the demise of a company, especially a household name such as Thomas Cook. The loss of 9,000 jobs in the UK, another name off the high street, the repatriation of 150,000 holiday makers, and even my brother has been moaning that his Spring holiday to Turkey is cancelled and he will have to book with someone else.’

Full bulletin:…

3. Brexit: Baa Humbug

‘In my opinion, the lesson of the Welsh sheep market is that Brexit will affect different industries in specific and substantial ways, whilst perhaps not having an impact on society as a whole.’

Full bulletin:…

2. Five Business Continuity Predictions for 2019

‘I am going to be bold and make five business continuity predictions for 2019. We can then revisit them at the end of the year and see if they come true!’

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1. So you have been deepfaked..


You are the business continuity manager and responsible for crisis management in a large, very male-dominated organisation. The CEO has decided to resign after 20 years’ service and there are two candidates for the role, the Operations Director, John, and the Human Resources Director, Helen. The board deliberates and decide to appoint Helen. She will be the first female CEO in the organisation’s long history.’

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at BC Training!

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