When Social Unrest Kicks Off – Security Tips for Staying Safe in Crowded Places

Nov 24, 2023

This week’s bulletin has been provided by Resilience Forward, who give an insight into how we can keep staff safe in a crowd and highlights the importance of having an appropriate response plan in place.

On average, the number of protests globally has increased by 11.5% annually since 2009 and 23% of significant protests are reported to have lasted more than three months. Here International SOS provides a checklist to help you prepare your organization and employees for this threat.

“We are witnessing an era marked by geopolitical shifts and perma-crises. This is accompanied by associated mass protests and civil unrest, which can escalate in scale and frequency across continents and countries. In a time when workforce safety is of paramount concern, it is important for employers to understand that the dynamics of social unrest can rapidly evolve and escalate. Organizations have a critical role in safeguarding their workforce. They can achieve this by taking proactive steps to prioritise risk assessments and implementing effective risk management strategies. During this period of heightened tension, employers should also ensure that their workforces stay informed about the local security situation through official sources. They should also avoid areas with known protests or demonstrations.”

James Wood, Regional Security Director at International SOS.

Security advice for organizations to safeguard their workforces when in crowded places:

  • Ensure employees stay informed: provide employees with up to-date information about potential risks. Regularly assess the security situation by monitoring local news, government advisories, and real-time threat intelligence.
  • Create an emergency response plan: develop and communicate a comprehensive emergency response plan for all employees. Ensure that your workforce is well-aware of evacuation procedures and has access to essential emergency contact information.
  • Encourage vigilance: remind employees to be alert to suspicious behaviour or items and promptly report any unusual incidents or observations to the relevant authorities.
  • Ensure employees comply with security measures: anticipate increased security measures in urban centres, especially around key government areas, tourist destinations and public transport hubs. Inform employees to follow all official directives.
  • Establish a robust crisis communication system: provide employees with access to stay informed and connected during times of unrest. Utilise multiple communication channels, including mobile apps and SMS alerts, to ensure swift and reliable communication.

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