Responding to Cyber Incidents - Briefing

Course Overview

This Responding to Cyber Incidents Briefing is aimed at senior managers who would be called upon to manage their organisation's response to a cyber incident at strategic or crisis management level. The aim of the briefing is for senior managers to understand the threat to their organisation, what preparation and decision making they can carry out in advance of an incident and how responding to a cyber incident is different to managing more conventional incidents.

The Responding to Cyber Incidents Briefing can be 1-3 hours.

The briefing will be tailored to the needs, level of experience, threat and incident management maturity of the organisation. To achieve this, before each briefing the tutor will either visit or have a series of telephone calls to ensure that the training is tailored to the organisations requirements.

Sessions can vary from teaching to interactive sessions, responding to and making decisions on a series of short scenarios.

If you are interested in arranging this course for your workplace call:
UK 01253 542650
Rest of world +441253542650

What's included?

  • Course note and slides
  • Certificate of attendance
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Details & Programme

The following subjects can be covered during the Responding to Cyber Incidents Briefing:

  • Threat landscape
  • Case studies
  • Identifying what you might have that a hacker might want
  • Difference between “normal” and cyber incidents
  • Adapting your existing plans and response structure to a cyber incident
  • Understanding what decisions and guidance can be agreed in advance
  • Reporting incidents; what help is available and changes under GDPR
  • Senior managers role in a cyber incident
  • Communications during a cyber incident and possible communication strategies

A series of short exercises tailored to the organisation can be run to practice the skills taught during the training and to practice decision making under pressure.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Senior managers or the C-suite who would be part of the senior decision making or a strategic incident team responding to an incident
  • CIOs who need to understand how an indent should be managed at a senior level
  • Advisors to senior managers and resilience professionals
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