BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management Online Mock Questions

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Revise for your BCT Certificate in Cyber Incident Management exam with the help of these online mock questions. The questions have been designed to test your course knowledge and aid your revision, but please note they are not a replica of the actual exam and do not follow the same format.

There are 50 questions to answer, all based on the course content and materials. The questions are a mix of multiple choice and key word/phrase answers, which require you to type a word or phrase in the box provided. You will have the opportunity to review all of your answers before submitting them to be marked. The test is 1 hour and the pass mark is 70%.

You can take the mock test as many times as you would like, as there is no limit on the amount of attempts. We would advise utilising the unlimited attempts, as the questions are taken from a pool of over 125 questions, so if you retake the test, you will receive a different mix of questions.

Access to the mock questions is for 30 days from the date you were signed up to them and this access cannot be extended. If you are purchasing the questions as part of a course booking, you will be signed up to the mock questions on the first day of your course. If you are purchasing separately to a course, please note access is not instant and we will sign you up to the mock questions within 1 working day. You will receive an email from our online learning platform with information on accessing the mock questions. If you require access to the mock questions for longer than 30 days, you can purchase another set after your original access has expired.

Please note that success with these mock questions does not guarantee success in the exam.

The cost of this product (ex VAT) is £30.00 / €35.00 / $37.00.

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