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CBCI Refresher Course (Live Online)

1 Days
625,00  + VAT 

This CBCI Refresher Course is for delegates that have passed the CBCI exam in the past. The course will take the delegates through the changes in the new GPG and refresh their CBCI knowledge.

What’s included?

  • Electronic course slides
  • Electronic certificate of attendance


Course Description 

Please note, this course is for delegates that have a previous CBCI qualification. Please ensure you have sent proof of your qualification to us as soon as you have booked.

The CBCI Refresher Course has been designed exclusively for professionals who have passed any past version of the CBCI exam and are looking to bridge the knowledge gap between the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2018 and the GPG Edition 7.0.

This course is a great opportunity to refresh your knowledge about the six Professional Practices as well as acquire new knowledge about the evolution of business continuity. By taking this course, you are not required to re-sit the CBCI exam, but delegates can purchase and sit the Edition 7.0 CBCI exam if they would like to.

This one day course comes complete with course slides and a workbook that contains exercises to be completed throughout the course.

This BCI training course is delivered as a one day, live online training course by an approved BCI tutor. Scheduled breaks will be provided throughout the training. During the course, delegates will be able to use their microphones to take part in discussions and ask the tutor any questions, there is also the option to use a webcam too. Interactivity features used during the training may include the use of breakout sessions for group work, polls and quizzes. The course is delivered via GoToTraining.

Delegates will require a copy of the Good Practice Guidelines Edition 7.0. A free watermarked and non-printable electronic copy is included with the course. Hard copies are also available to purchase via our website. Pre-reading prior to attending the course is advisable.

The timings for this training are 9am-4pm UK time.

The cost of this course (ex VAT) is £525.00 / €625.00 / $700.00.

Course Modules

Module 1: PP1 – Establishing a Business Continuity Management System

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The activities needed to establish and maintain a BCMS.
  • Why and how the scope of a BCMS should be defined.
  • The purpose of a business continuity policy and how to develop an effective policy.
  • The role and features of effective business continuity governance and know how to establish governance.
Module 2: PP2 - Embracing Business Continuity

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The difference between embracing and embedding business continuity.
  • The importance of organisational culture and know how to develop understanding of an organisation’s culture.
  • The importance and characteristics of an organisation’s business continuity culture.
  • Why it is important to improve an organisation’s business continuity culture and understand the approaches that can be used to achieve this.
  • Why and how business continuity culture should be measured.
  • The benefits and outcomes of embracing business continuity management and the importance of ongoing monitoring and maintenance activities.
Module 3: PP3 - Analysis

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The purpose and use of the primary techniques of analysis, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment (RA).
  • The different types of BIA and the generic activities undertaken to develop a BIA.
  • The MTPD and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and how these are determined.
    The purpose of the product and service BIA, the process BIA and the activity BIA and the process to carry out the analysis.
  • The content, approval and use of consolidated BIA.
  • Risk assessment in the context of the BCMS.
Module 4: PP4 - Solutions Design

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The purpose of business continuity strategy and solutions design.
  • How recovery strategies and solutions are developed.
  • The strategies and solutions that can be used in relation to different resources and RTO categories.
  • How unacceptable risks and single points of failure are mitigated.
Module 5: PP5 - Enabling Solutions

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The purpose of Enabling Solutions and understand the main activities.
  • How to implement a solution.
  • How a response structure is established.
  • The factors affecting communications when responding to incidents and understand relevant procedures to be applied.
  • How business continuity plans are developed and managed.
  • The purpose and characteristics of strategic, tactical and operational business continuity plans.
Module 6: PP6 - Validation

At the end of this module, you will understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0, namely:

  • The purpose and importance of validation.
  • Why and how exercise programmes are developed and understand the different types of exercise that can be utilised.
  • How a single exercise should be developed, conducted and evaluated.
  • How a business continuity management system should be maintained.
  • Why and how a business continuity management system should be reviewed.

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Course Benefits

  • Understand the key changes within GPG Edition 7.0
  • Update your knowledge of the six Professional Practices – now revise
  • Enhance your understanding of the evolving and continuous development of business continuity as a profession
  • Gain learning outcomes that you will be able to directly apply to your day-to-day job
  • Bridge the knowledge gap between the GPG 2018 and GPG 7.0

    Completing this course will contribute towards your BCI Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Further information can be found on the BCI’s website here.

    Who Should Attend?

    • Delegates who have passed any version of the CBCI exam in the past.

    In-House Options

    If you would like this CBCI Refresher Course delivered privately for your organisation, either live online or in person, please contact the BC Training team on 01253 542650 or email

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