Ransomware Attack on India’s airline: SpiceJet

26 May 2022

SpiceJet hit with a Ransomware Attack on Tuesday evening causing severe delays and thousands of passengers stranded

Tuesday evening the airline faced a ransomware attack which impacted all operations on Wednesday. Ransomware is an attack on the company’s system where it gets remotely locked through a malware infection by hackers until a ransom has been paid.

This caused delays up to 4 hours and thousands of passengers stranded in different airport locations due to the airline having to cancel flights to and from destinations within the country that were restricted. It also impacted their ticketing systems, and some customers were unable to book tickets from the company’s website.

SpiceJet took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to say that their IT team were able to contain the hack and had “rectified the situation”.

“Certain SpiceJet systems faced an attempted ransomware attack last night that impacted and slowed down morning flight departures today. Our IT team has contained and rectified the situation and flights are operating normally now.”

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One passenger responded, “Operating normally?? We are stuck here since 3 hrs and 45 mins? Neither cancelling nor operating, sitting in the flights not even the airport. No breakfast, no response!”


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Others complained that staff were not being very informative and were not giving passengers updates with travelers not being told before they had arrived at the airports; they also claimed that they couldn’t get through to their customer care via phone

SpiceJet have still not provided any details in regards of the ransomware attack.