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Case Study

By Sam Franklin – British Transport Police CBCI Certification Course

Case Study

By Conor O’Brien – Group Risk, Compliance and Assurance Manager, 2021
Manchester Airport Group
CBCI Certification Course

Case Study

By Wendy Marley – NECS Senior Governance Officer, 2021
NHS North of England
BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

“What a thoroughly useful course this proved to be. The course was pacy enough to maintain interest, yet there was plenty of time to discuss aspects of the course that we needed more insight into. The team learnt so much and feel ready and fully equipped for any eventuality.”

Crisis Comms & Public Relations after a Cyber Security Incident

Chantelle Binley

Next Plc

“James McAlister [was] positive, enthusiastic, responsive to the needs of the group, knowledgeable, professional, timely.”

CBCI Certification Course

Esther Dainton

HM Prison and Probation Service

“James [McAlister] was very interesting to listen to. He made you feel at ease asking questions and really explained the learning.”

BCI Incident Response and Crisis Management

Leslie Kellaway


“I find it slightly amazing how well structured the session was & how Gillian [Logie] managed to get everything covered in time. There was an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion and group activity. I will be recommending the course to my colleagues.”

BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

Wendy Marley

NHS North of England

“Gillian [Logie] was great and other delegates were very engaging which made the whole training package enjoyable and informative. The use of Kahoot was a fun way to quiz knowledge and engage as a group with some friendly rivalry!”

BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

Ashley Field

Surrey County Council

“James [McAlister] has been an amazing facilitator. The way he had facilitated the whole course was outstanding. The training was so well curated that I could easily understand important aspects.”

CBCI Certification Course

Samuel Sherin Varghese


“Gillian [Logie] has a fantastic manner and approach and her delivery skills are second to none, as is her knowledge. BCT have certainly cracked online training!”
Louise Parker

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

“James McAlister was excellent – very knowledgeable and enthusiastic throughout – drilling us on the good practice guidelines but also sharing a lot of practical examples from his own experience. It can be difficult to keep everyone engaged when the training is remote but he managed it. Many thanks to everyone – very enjoyable course and very pleased with the results.”

CBCI Certification Course

Tess Baker

NYA Risk

“Gillian [Logie] was exceptional, great depth of subject matter knowledge and made the sessions interesting.”

CBCI Certification Course

Tony Clark

SORM Limited

“A fantastic course. Extremely well put together and delivered on all counts. The exam was incredibly hard but the advice and guidance of the instructor [James McAlister] was spot on and it is all down to the amount of revision effort put in by the student. I would recommend this course and method of learning to anyone who was interested in attaining the CBCI qualification. BCT are a pleasure to deal with in terms of customer service and all administrative processes. Many thanks to all involved. ”

CBCI Certification Course

Louise Parker

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

“The way that James [McAlister] managed to deliver such a volume of information in a short time via remote training was superb.”

BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

David Wilson

Schoeller Allibert

“James [McAlister] was absolutely excellent! Almost felt like being in a classroom. I have completed 2 other virtual training courses and he was head and shoulders above the rest”

BCI Supply Chain Resilience

Lisa Carroll

European Central Bank

“This was one of the best courses I have taken in some time. It was an excellent class that was most ably facilitated by Gillian [Logie]. She was patient, helpful and explained concepts clearly.”

BCI Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Andrea McQuay

The Central Bank of the Bahamas

“The course was great, I met some lovely people and James [McAlister] was an amazing tutor. He talked us through scenarios and his own experiences which helped embed the information”

CBCI Certification Course

Phillippa Crombleholme

British Gas

“Exceptionally good. David Hutcheson was really good, and obviously knew the subject really well. ”

Pandemic Planning Online Session (Up-to-Date Content)

Jan Turner

Cats Protection

“David [Hutcheson] has been brilliant to listen to during this crisis. Hope he can do more sessions!”

The Great Return: How to Restart Businesses from COVID19 Lockdown

Jan Turner

Cats Protection

“[James McAlister was] incredibly engaging which is very important when undertaking the course via online tools. Very well experienced in a lot of BC aspects and incredibly helpful. The course delivery online was much better than I expected.”

CBCI Certification Course

Kelly Wilson

Scottish Government

“James [McAlister] was very approachable, kept all members of the group engaged and tailored advice to the relevant experience of each attendee.”

BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

Ross Davey


“Charlie [Maclean-Bristol] was a great tutor, both knowledgeable and approachable. A great course!”
Gary Stevenson

Student Loans Company

“Excellent and efficient course.”

E-Learning Business Continuity Awareness

Polycarpos Polycarpou

Hellenic Bank

“Considering the course had to be delivered online the full process was incredibly easy and all instructions were timely and helpful.”

CBCI Certification Course

George Burnett

International Nuclear Services

“Thank you all for the great 5 day training. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. Glad there is this live training as I would never fly over to UK to attend a course. Hope I have a chance to attend other courses in future. ”

CBCI Certification Course

Elaine Ai Li Ee


“We would highly recommend the course: as BC professionals the experience shared by the tutor and other participants was enlightening and the GPG have definitely helped to better understand some steps of the methodology. The course has also given us many resources and examples to improve the way in which we explain the BIAs and plans to clients during a BC program implementation. James [McAlister] was fantastic. He has a great deal of experience in the sector and tremendous energy and sense of humor.”

CBCI Certification Course

Marta Bellera

Institut Cerda

“James [McAlister] is Exceptional. Extremely good. A pleasure to attend his classes. The course was excellent, focused and well oriented. This is the best possible preparation course for CBCI.”

CBCI Certification Course

Oscar Domenech


“A very informative course, easy to work through but requires self discipline, making time to both read the content and revise prior to sitting the exam. The latter to one side, an enjoyable course and content not too complicated to understand.”

E-Learning Business Continuity Certified

Karim El-Khawaja

Armel Risk Limited

“James [McAlister] was a wonderful trainer. Full of knowledge and enthusiasm. He was continually sharing his expertise during the week. Business Continuity Training was a great experience and helped me understand the demands and the context that we are facing as a BC team internally.”

CBCI Certification Course

Sara Martinez


“Proper training with high experience and strong practical knowledge.”

BCI Introduction to Business Continuity

Yasser Youssef Ahmed Youssef

Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance Company

“Highly recommend. A deep journey into Business Continuity, especially for business continuity professionals.”

CBCI Certification Course

David Casas

Banc Sabadell

“I think the course covered everything I can think of. Everything was great.”

E-Learning Business Continuity Awareness

Constantinos Stephanides

Hellenic Bank

“James [McAlister] was very engaging and a very good tutor.”

CBCI Certification Course

Mary Roser


“Really good course for an introduction.”

E-Learning Business Continuity Certified

Venkatesh Mugunthan


“James [Royds] was excellent. This is the second time he has delivered a course I have attended, both of which have been superb.”

CBCI Certification Course

Tim Mansfield

DAS Legal Expenses Insurance

“I found the trainer [James Royds] excellent and could answer all my questions asked. James went out of his way and provided all participants with useful handouts and documentation. Really appreciate it and a big thank you to James.”

BCI Designing and Delivering Effective Exercises

Mercy Amarteifio


“The course tutor [James Royds] was very flexible in his approach and provided effective support when the concepts or information given required further explanation to ensure my understanding. He was very open to questions, comments and observations about our particular requirements.”

BCI Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Pam Griffiths

West Lancashire College

“We were delighted to use BC Training and especially happy to have James Royds to conduct our training course. Our team is now all training up to CBCI and we are looking forward to further training courses in the future. Many thanks for enabling this all to happen.”

BCI Supply Chain Resilience

Hassan AlAlawi

nogaholding, Bahrain

“The content was good, Gavin was very informative. I enjoyed the interactive parts of the course.”

Loggist Training

Kristine Griffiths


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