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Do Application RTOs and RPOs ‘Work’ During a Cyber Incident?

Feb 03 2023

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie covers the important use of RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) in...

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Defining RTOs – Help Needed

Jun 10 2022

This week, Charlie needs your help and advice when it comes to RTOs! Read on to learn more about his...

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The future of business continuity, post COVID-19

Dec 11 2020

In his last bulletin of 2020, Charlie discusses how COVID-19 has impacted the future of business continuity. This is my...

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Business Continuity and Coronavirus – Marks out of 10

Mar 20 2020

Charlie marks the six elements of the business continuity lifecycle out of 10, based on their effectiveness during the COVID-10...

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The Backlog Trap

Oct 25 2019

Following this week’s CBCI Certification Course, Charlie shares his thoughts on the backlog trap. This week I have been teaching the CBCI...

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Where do ISOs come from?

Sep 13 2019

After spending a week observing a series of ISO meetings in Bangkok, Charlie shares his experience of how ISOs are...

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BIA Hints and Tips

Jun 29 2018

Charlie provides some useful hints and tips on how to improve your Business Impact Analysis.  This week I have been...

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BC Basics – The BIA

Jun 22 2018

This week Charlie outlines the minimum requirements for developing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). Many of those developing business continuity...

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3gBC – Sending the BIA to FatFighters

Feb 09 2018

Following on from his concept of ‘Third Generation Business Continuity’, Charlie provides us with his thoughts on how to reduce...

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‘Third Generation Business Continuity’

Feb 02 2018

Charlie shares his notion of ‘Third Generation Business Continuity’ and the reasons why you shouldn’t employ a BC contractor to...

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Why I no longer look at financial impacts when conducting a BIA

Nov 24 2017

Charlie looks at the evolution of the BIA and explains his reasons for no longer looking at financial impacts when conducting...

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‘Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach’ by David Lindstedt and Mark Armour – A Review and Critique

Jul 14 2017

Whilst Charlie was on holiday last week, he read a recently published book about Adaptive Business Continuity. In this bulletin,...

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Business Impact Analysis Webinar

Apr 28 2017

A big thank you to Charlie Maclean-Bristol for delivering the first of our ‘Ask The Expert’ webinars on Business Impact Analysis (BIA)...

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ISO 22301 and the Business Continuity Octopus

Mar 10 2017

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author, and consultant at PlanB Consulting, Gordon Brown.  Implementing a BCMS which meets...

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‘Keystone RTO’ a new type of RTO?

Dec 02 2016

This week Charlie looks at how businesses determine their Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and presents the possibility of a new type of RTO. Next week, Ewan...

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Work like an Egyptian…

Sep 30 2016

This week Charlie talks about his experience of working in any other country, providing lessons learned when dealing with different...

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BIA – To interview or not interview?

Jun 16 2016

This week I have been in Perth, Australia, working with a Scottish client’s Australian operation starting them on their journey...

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Defining your RTOs

Apr 01 2016

This week Charlie is working in Canada, so here is an article published on Continuity Central last year which highlights...

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The Minimum Business Continuity Objective: The Cinderella of the BIA

Oct 30 2015

he minimum business continuity objective (MBCO) is, in my opinion, an extremely important component of the business impact analysis (BIA)....

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