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Mind the Resilience Podcast – From Vision to Success: The Story of a Resilience Entrepreneur

Jul 07 2023

This week Charlie was a special guest on Episode 22 of the Mind the Resilience podcast, discussing his passion for...

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Personal Resilience

May 26 2023

This week’s bulletin has been written by Simon Freeston, a consultant at PlanB Consulting, who discusses the importance of ensuring...

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BCI World Hybrid 2022: 8 Take-Aways

Nov 04 2022

We’ve been to BCI World Hybrid 2022! In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about the highlights from BCI World Hybrid...

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Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Sep 02 2022

This week, Charlie talks about operational resilience in today’s world and why it is important to become resilient in order...

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Considering robotic process automation to enhance your business resilience? Here are some key considerations

Jun 24 2022

Robotic process automation can bring resilience advantages to mission-critical IT and business processes but its introduction requires wider business planning....

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Why do we not believe…?

Jun 17 2022

This week, Charlie discusses the big question…why do we not trust warnings, that we believe to be completely outrageous? Also,...

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Revising Your Business Continuity Strategies in Response to the Rising Trend of Working Anywhere

Apr 08 2022

Lessons learnt from the recent massive shift to remote work mean organisations now need to rethink business continuity from a...

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Hints and Tips for Delivering Online Business Continuity Training and Exercises

Mar 18 2022

Find out what tips Charlie has taken away from two years of training delegates online and remotely. It’s around the...

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Embedding BC for a More Resilient Future

Sep 24 2021

As it is BCI Education Month, this week Charlie discusses the need for embedding business continuity to create a more...

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Dealing with Anniversaries

Sep 17 2021

Charlie discusses how companies should be commemorating and including the anniversaries of traumatic events within their business continuity plans, whilst...

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Building Resilience and Security for Long-Term Remote Working

Aug 13 2021

This week Steve Dance and Andrew Lawton discuss the risks we need to address as working remotely becomes a more...

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How to Beat Crisis Fatigue and Build Resilience with Microsimulations

May 21 2021

This week, guest writer Marcus Vaughan, discusses how to get executive and operational teams re-engaged in risk preparedness and build...

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Writing Incident Scenarios: An Operational Resilience Trend Returns

Apr 16 2021

This week Charlie talks about writing incident scenarios and how different business continuity plans have come back in style. What...

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Operational Resilience: Is it just business continuity done properly?

Mar 26 2021

Charlie looks at what operational resilience really means, and how it compares with business continuity. This week a couple of...

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Demonstrating business continuity’s return on investment

Mar 19 2021

Worried about your business continuity budget? This week Charlie discusses how to demonstrate BC’s return on investment within your organisation....

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Is the response to COVID-19 a business continuity issue?

Dec 04 2020

Is it time for Business Continuity Managers to step away from the COVID-19 response? Charlie discusses his thoughts on how...

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Avoiding burnout during your COVID-19 response

Oct 16 2020

Charlie discusses the effects of burnout on your staff and how to prevent it during your COVID-19 response. One theme...

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A Model for Situational Awareness

Jul 31 2020

Charlie shares a model of situational awareness from the Endsley paper and discusses how this can be applied to incident...

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Coronavirus Response: The Peak-End Rule

Apr 14 2020

Charlie discusses the psychological heuristic ‘peak-end rule’ and why this is important for planning your company’s recovery from COVID-19. Hope...

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After coronavirus, what next?

Mar 13 2020

This week Charlie discusses how you can prepare for the recovery and transition back to ‘business as usual’ after the...

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The Case Against Situational Crisis Communication Theory

Jan 17 2020

Following Charlie’s previous bulletin ‘Crisis communications, a dark art?’ about how you can develop a crisis response strategy from Timothy Coombs’ Situational...

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BCI World 2019 and the Business Continuity Profession

Nov 08 2019

Charlie shares some observations on BCI World 2019 and what the conference tells us about the business continuity profession. Charlie...

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Why no one has all it takes to be a Resilience Officer and why every organization needs one

Sep 21 2018

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author Gianna Detoni FBCI, President and Founder of PANTA RAY. Up until a...

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BC on a Budget: 4 free things entrepreneurs and SMEs can do to enhance their resilience

Aug 17 2018

This week’s bulletin has been written by guest author, and Sales and Marketing Manager at PlanB Consulting, Roger Broomfield. In the realm...

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