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“The future is uncertain but the end is always near” – Jim Morrison

Aug 18 2023

This week’s bulletin has been provided by James Royds (FBCI) who gives an insight into the effect of COVID-19 on...

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MOVEit and Capita: Why Your Organisation Needs to Carry Out a Data Risk Assessment

Jun 09 2023

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses how performing a data risk assessment on your organisation may be beneficial in the...

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Five Things We Can Learn About Business Continuity From the Coronation of King Charles III

May 12 2023

Charlie discusses what business continuity professionals can take away from the recent coronation of King Charles III and talks about...

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The Resilience Ego Trip?

Apr 14 2023

This week’s bulletin has been provided by Gavin Watt (AMBCI) who gives some insight into the current need for business...

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Women and Online Trolling

Mar 31 2023

Charlie discusses the issue of women being trolled online, including the type of attacks utilised and what women can do...

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Top Bulletins of 2022!

Dec 23 2022

Here are our top 10 bulletins from 2022! We hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as we have....

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10 Tasks to Carry Out Before Going On Holiday

Dec 16 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses how you can be prepared for the Christmas break. With some of us finishing...

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Bulletin Thoughts

Dec 09 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie looks to 2023 and talks about what he would like to cover in next year’s...

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Sep 09 2022

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She was remarkable, passionate, and her historic...

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Boris, Watt and the Footballer

Feb 07 2022

Charlie discusses the three biggest headlines dominating the news this past week! He covers topics from Boris to BrewDog and...

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Still trying to manage business continuity or risk using spreadsheets? It’s time to move on…

Feb 04 2022

Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous tool in the business world, but they have limitations and if you are trying to manage...

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Top 10 Bulletins in 2021!

Dec 17 2021

Here are our top 10 bulletins from 2021! We hope you have enjoyed reading these insightful discussions as much as...

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Is Business Continuity One of the Victims of COVID?

Oct 08 2021

In today’s bulletin, Charlie discusses his thoughts on the industry that is business continuity and how he believes COVID has...

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Preparation for Protest

Sep 10 2021

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses how to prepare your company against protesters. Taking into consideration the safety of your...

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A Checklist for the Loss of People

Jul 16 2021

This week, Charlie discusses the NHS COVID-19 tracking app, getting ‘pinged’ and the consequences of self-isolation on businesses. I’ve been...

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We want to hear from you!

Mar 05 2021

If you read our weekly bulletin or tune in to our webinars, this week we would love to hear back...

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Don’t do a Wilfred Owen – Look after yourself and those around you, as we see the beginning of the end of the pandemic

Jan 15 2021

This week Charlie discusses why now more than ever, it is important to protect yourself and those around you. A...

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2021 – We must keep ‘match fit’ and warmed up

Jan 08 2021

In our first bulletin of 2021, Charlie discusses why we need to continue to stay prepared for the coming year....

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Top 10 Bulletins of 2020

Dec 18 2020

With 2021 almost here, we thought we’d count down our Top 10 bulletins of 2020 – and what a year...

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The difference between a generic response and contingency plans

Nov 13 2020

This week Charlie compares the differences between a generic response and contingency plans. This week has been very busy for...

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Was COVID-19 a ‘Black Swan’? And why this is an important question…

Sep 18 2020

This week guest author Claire Powles discusses whether COVID-19 is a Black Swan within business continuity. Many commentators labelled the...

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Crisis Communications – Skype to the rescue

Apr 24 2020

This week Charlie looks at an article from The Times, ‘Welcome to The Skype Pandemic’, which discusses how journalists and...

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Coronavirus Public Reaction – ‘Keep calm and carry on’ or bystander effect?

Mar 06 2020

Charlie looks at how the bystander effect and social pressure is affecting the public’s reaction to Coronavirus. I have been...

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Key Learning Points from the Scottish Continuity Groups Seminar on the 4th February 2020

Feb 07 2020

Charlie discusses the key learning points he took away from the Scottish Continuity Groups Seminar he attended at Dynamic Earth...

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