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Use of Feedback Forms After Exercises

Jan 27 2023

This week, Charlie discusses the best way of utilising feedback forms after your exercises, and why they should be used...

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A Framework for Writing Exercise Objectives

Nov 25 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about what may be useful to consider when developing objectives for your exercises, and...

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Conduct Short Exercises

Oct 21 2022

In today’s bulletin, Charlie talks about the benefits of short exercises, particularly if you are a beginner at running exercises....

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Tips for improving your approach to business continuity exercises

Jul 15 2022

F For many organisations, a business continuity exercise is seen as a necessary evil rather than something that is regularly...

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What Happens When You Lose a Leader?

Jul 08 2022

This week, Charlie is bringing the TMF music festival to us! After seeing a band carry on without their lead...

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Business Continuity in Saudi Arabia – It’s Good!

May 27 2022

In this bulletin, Charlie discusses business continuity in Saudi, where he has been conducting exercises and workshops. This week, I...

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Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

Jan 14 2022

In today’s bulletin, Charlie explains how he creates excellent exercises for organisations to use and play out. Learn how to...

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Hints and Tips for Running SIMEX Exercises

Dec 03 2021

After delivering a number of SIMEX exercises in the past three months, Charlie shares the learning points from these, along...

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Location, Location, Location!

Jul 23 2021

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about why determining an accurate location during an emergency is important, and how you...

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OUT NOW: Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Nov 06 2020

Charlie discusses what his new book contains and how it can be useful for your organisation. This week I received...

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AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER: Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Oct 23 2020

This week Charlie shares his new book. Available for pre-order now! Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan by...

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My Thoughts On Online Exercises

Sep 11 2020

In today’s bulletin Charlie shares some thoughts on conducting exercises online. This week I conducted an online exercise and it...

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COMING SOON! Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Aug 28 2020

Look out for Charlie’s book ‘Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan’ coming out this Autumn! The Aim...

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20/20 Vision: Comments on Exercise Iris (Scotland’s virus exercise in 2018)

Jun 05 2020

Charlie looks at Scotland’s Exercise Iris, how it holds up against COVID-19 and what we can learn from it. I...

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Pandemic Planning – What is a Pandemic Operating Regime, and do I need one?

Jan 31 2020

Following the spread of Coronavirus throughout China and surrounding countries, Charlie introduces the idea of a Pandemic Operating Regime and...

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Exercise Programmes – What Are They?

Oct 18 2019

In today’s bulletin Charlie looks at different exercises your organisation can carry out to verify your end-to-end business continuity solution....

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Why the scenario is not important in most exercises

Apr 06 2018

Charlie looks at the objectives, format and scenario of business continuity exercises, and explains why scenarios are not the most...

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Harvey and Irma – What can we learn?

Sep 15 2017

In the midst of hurricane season, Charlie advises business continuity professionals what they can learn from past hurricanes, in preparation for...

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Recent Terrorist Attacks – Practice Makes Perfect

Jun 09 2017

This week Charlie looks at the response to the recent terror attacks and discusses the importance of exercising plans for these...

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Man down – Live exercising some thoughts…

Feb 10 2017

This week Charlie has taken on a piece of work which will involve running a live exercise. He shares his thoughts...

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Keep calm it is only a drill

Oct 06 2015

This week I was involved in an exercise which started with a practice fire evacuation. For most of us a...

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Making Command Post Exercises as realistic as possible

Mar 07 2015

This week I have been looking at the news and there was nothing which inspired me to write in my...

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