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Quantum Computing and Its Implications for Cyber Resilience

May 19 2023

To celebrate Business Continuity Awareness Week and the theme ‘Embracing the challenge of Resilience’, this week’s bulletin has been written...

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Capita Hack: A Case Study of What Not To Do…

May 05 2023

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses Capita’s response to its recent cyber attack and gives an insight into how organisations...

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Thoughts on CyberUK 2023

Apr 21 2023

Charlie gives an insight into his thoughts on the recent CyberUK conference and discusses how cyber security has changed in...

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ASIS Europe 2023 – From Risk to Resilience

Mar 24 2023

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses his thoughts from his recent security conference in Rotterdam and gives an insight into...

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Ransomware Payments – Some Statistics

Mar 17 2023

This week, Charlie provides some interesting statistics around the payment of ransomware and gives an insight into the amount of...

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Negotiating with Hackers – Lessons to Take Away

Mar 10 2023

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses what to do in a negotiation situation with hackers, and looks at what we...

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Arnold Clark Hack – A Car Crash in Motion?

Feb 17 2023

In today’s bulletin, Charlie gives his thoughts about Arnold Clark’s recent cyber incident and gives an insight into their response,...

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Royal Mail Ransomware Attack – Some Comments

Jan 20 2023

This week, Charlie discusses the ‘cyber incident’ affecting Royal Mail and gives an insight into his recent ‘Cyber Course for...

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Where Business Continuity Comes In: Why Your Cyber Security Must Be Designed For Recovery

Dec 02 2022

One of the biggest falsehoods of cyber security is that it is an IT problem. Any cyber breach, whether caused...

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Ransomware – If you pay a ransom, do you get your data back?

Nov 11 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses paying a ransom to retrieve your data and shares his research on how much...

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Learning from the Scottish Cyber Summit

Oct 28 2022

Charlie attended The Scottish Cyber Summit earlier this week and has summarised points made by different speakers and panellists. Yesterday,...

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Statutory Cyber Incident Reporting in the USA

Oct 14 2022

This week’s bulletin covers the new Cyber Security laws in America, how these incidents should be reported, and the organisations...

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Cyber Attacks on Hospitals – What are the Impacts? (Part 2)

Sep 23 2022

This is part 2 of last week’s bulletin, discussing the dire impacts of a cyber attack on healthcare services. Communications...

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Cyber Attacks on Hospitals – What are the Impacts?

Sep 16 2022

After conducting cyber incident exercises in a hospital this week, Charlie is sharing his key take aways and research, looking...

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The 5 Golden Rules of When Business Continuity Software Goes Bad

Aug 19 2022

If you’re thinking about buying software for your business continuity roll out, this bulletin discusses what you have to be...

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Have Cyber Attacks Killed People?

Aug 12 2022

This week, Charlie discusses the evidence behind cyber attacks indirectly causing the death and injury of people. Also, the importance...

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CYBERUK 2022 – What Did We Learn?

May 13 2022

Charlie shares his thoughts on the recent CYBERUK 2022 conference. This week Dawn, the Business Development Manager from PlanB Consulting,...

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What Happened to UK Data Privacy Compliance?

Apr 29 2022

It might be Brexit ‘no more European rules’ complacency or the all-consuming COVID-19 survival strategies – even a mixture of...

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Looking After Your People During a Cyber Incident

Apr 01 2022

This week, Charlie discusses why it is so important to look after your staff after a cyber incident. Yesterday, I...

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Ransomware Negotiation Tactics

Jan 21 2022

Charlie highlights the best advice from a great podcast all about ransomware. Read on to learn all about the best...

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Amedia AS Cyber Hack Case Study: A review of their crisis communications from 28th December 2021 – 7th January 2022

Jan 07 2022

A deep dive into the Amedia AS cyber hack which occurred over the holiday period. Charlie discusses in-depth all the...

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Learning Points From the SEPA Cyber-Attack

Nov 19 2021

Charlie lists the key points that you can learn, from the SEPA cyber-attack that occurred last year. He discusses what...

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Closing the Gap Between Cyber Security and Business Continuity Management

Oct 29 2021

With cyber-attacks increasingly aiming to create business disruption, it is important for organisations to ensure that cyber security and business...

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Low-Level Cyber Attacks

Sep 03 2021

Charlie looks at the lessons you need to take away from a low-level cyber attack. I am going to leave...

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