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Case Study Zouma: Don’t Mess With Cats…

Feb 11 2022

This week, Charlie comments on how Raith Rovers and West Ham have handled their recent PR incidents, and what we...

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Boris, Watt and the Footballer

Feb 07 2022

Charlie discusses the three biggest headlines dominating the news this past week! He covers topics from Boris to BrewDog and...

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Still trying to manage business continuity or risk using spreadsheets? It’s time to move on…

Feb 04 2022

Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous tool in the business world, but they have limitations and if you are trying to manage...

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Five Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning

Jan 28 2022

There are various common areas where business continuity plans fall down. Here, Colin Jeffs highlights some of these, providing his...

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Ransomware Negotiation Tactics

Jan 21 2022

Charlie highlights the best advice from a great podcast all about ransomware. Read on to learn all about the best...

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Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

Jan 14 2022

In today’s bulletin, Charlie explains how he creates excellent exercises for organisations to use and play out. Learn how to...

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Amedia AS Cyber Hack Case Study: A review of their crisis communications from 28th December 2021 – 7th January 2022

Jan 07 2022

A deep dive into the Amedia AS cyber hack which occurred over the holiday period. Charlie discusses in-depth all the...

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Top 10 Bulletins in 2021!

Dec 17 2021

Here are our top 10 bulletins from 2021! We hope you have enjoyed reading these insightful discussions as much as...

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Storm Arwen: Lessons Re-Identified?

Dec 10 2021

This week Charlie discusses Storm Arwen, the cycle of lessons following an incident and why business continuity professionals need to...

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Hints and Tips for Running SIMEX Exercises

Dec 03 2021

After delivering a number of SIMEX exercises in the past three months, Charlie shares the learning points from these, along...

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Crisis Support Teams – What are they & do I need one?

Nov 26 2021

Creating an effective crisis management team can be complex as you have to take many factors into consideration. In this...

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Learning Points From the SEPA Cyber-Attack

Nov 19 2021

Charlie lists the key points that you can learn, from the SEPA cyber-attack that occurred last year. He discusses what...

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Comments on the Yorkshire Cricket Club Racism Crisis

Nov 12 2021

Have you given any thought to what your company would do if they were accused of wrongdoing and suddenly in...

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Wicked Problems – What Do I Need To Know?

Nov 05 2021

Charlie discusses the theory of wicked problems, what it means for business continuity professionals and how we are able to...

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Closing the Gap Between Cyber Security and Business Continuity Management

Oct 29 2021

With cyber-attacks increasingly aiming to create business disruption, it is important for organisations to ensure that cyber security and business...

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The Future of Incident & Crisis Management Rooms Post COVID – In a Hybrid Working World

Oct 22 2021

Need a more effective way of conducting meetings in this new hybrid world? Charlie discusses the pros, cons and solutions...

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Is Business Continuity One of the Victims of COVID?

Oct 08 2021

In today’s bulletin, Charlie discusses his thoughts on the industry that is business continuity and how he believes COVID has...

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Fantasy Crisis Communications – Prince Andrew

Oct 01 2021

In today’s bulletin, Charlie dives into Prince Andrew’s court case and the communication issues surrounding it. Discussing the importance of...

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Embedding BC for a More Resilient Future

Sep 24 2021

As it is BCI Education Month, this week Charlie discusses the need for embedding business continuity to create a more...

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Dealing with Anniversaries

Sep 17 2021

Charlie discusses how companies should be commemorating and including the anniversaries of traumatic events within their business continuity plans, whilst...

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Preparation for Protest

Sep 10 2021

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses how to prepare your company against protesters. Taking into consideration the safety of your...

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Low-Level Cyber Attacks

Sep 03 2021

Charlie looks at the lessons you need to take away from a low-level cyber attack. I am going to leave...

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What Can We Learn? – Afghanistan 2021

Aug 27 2021

In today’s bulletin, Charlie discusses the devastating events unfolding in Afghanistan and what we need to learn from this as...

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A Guide to Writing Contingency Plans/Playbooks

Aug 20 2021

This week, Charlie goes into depth about different business continuity plans, how to know which plan suits which incident, and...

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