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Disaster Trolls Podcast

Nov 18 2022

Charlie recommends a podcast series he’s been listening to recently and discusses why it is important for business continuity professionals...

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Ransomware – If you pay a ransom, do you get your data back?

Nov 11 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie discusses paying a ransom to retrieve your data and shares his research on how much...

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BCI World Hybrid 2022: 8 Take-Aways

Nov 04 2022

We’ve been to BCI World Hybrid 2022! In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about the highlights from BCI World Hybrid...

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Learning from the Scottish Cyber Summit

Oct 28 2022

Charlie attended The Scottish Cyber Summit earlier this week and has summarised points made by different speakers and panellists. Yesterday,...

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Conduct Short Exercises

Oct 21 2022

In today’s bulletin, Charlie talks about the benefits of short exercises, particularly if you are a beginner at running exercises....

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Statutory Cyber Incident Reporting in the USA

Oct 14 2022

This week’s bulletin covers the new Cyber Security laws in America, how these incidents should be reported, and the organisations...

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You’re on the slippery slope…

Oct 07 2022

In this week’s bulletin, Charlie talks about how to rebuild your reputation after a mistake, the government being in a...

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James Watt of BrewDog – Never go to court?

Sep 30 2022

This week's bulletin looks at reputation, court cases, and how to manage targeted abuse.

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Cyber Attacks on Hospitals – What are the Impacts? (Part 2)

Sep 23 2022

This is part 2 of last week’s bulletin, discussing the dire impacts of a cyber attack on healthcare services. Communications...

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Cyber Attacks on Hospitals – What are the Impacts?

Sep 16 2022

After conducting cyber incident exercises in a hospital this week, Charlie is sharing his key take aways and research, looking...

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

Sep 09 2022

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She was remarkable, passionate, and her historic...

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Why Operational Resilience Ignores Resilience Professionals

Sep 02 2022

This week, Charlie talks about operational resilience in today’s world and why it is important to become resilient in order...

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Should PMs Party?

Aug 26 2022

In the age of camera phones and social media, it has become harder for public figures to hide from the...

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The 5 Golden Rules of When Business Continuity Software Goes Bad

Aug 19 2022

If you’re thinking about buying software for your business continuity roll out, this bulletin discusses what you have to be...

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Have Cyber Attacks Killed People?

Aug 12 2022

This week, Charlie discusses the evidence behind cyber attacks indirectly causing the death and injury of people. Also, the importance...

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The Role of Human Resources in Workplace Emergency Management

Aug 05 2022

Human resource (HR) leaders have a crucial role in workplace emergency management. They should support all stages of the emergency...

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Has Health & Safety Gone Mad?

Jul 29 2022

After witnessing a near miss incident during a fishing competition, Charlie reiterates the importance of health and safety checks, risk...

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Include a ‘Working Strategy’ in Your Plans

Jul 22 2022

This week, Charlie discusses why using a simpler incident response model is better suited for clients. For a long time,...

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Tips for improving your approach to business continuity exercises

Jul 15 2022

F For many organisations, a business continuity exercise is seen as a necessary evil rather than something that is regularly...

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What Happens When You Lose a Leader?

Jul 08 2022

This week, Charlie is bringing the TMF music festival to us! After seeing a band carry on without their lead...

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Flu Pandemic Planning 2006 and What Really Happened!

Jul 01 2022

This week, Charlie discusses pandemic plans that were suggested back in 2006, and how they compare to the actions that...

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Considering robotic process automation to enhance your business resilience? Here are some key considerations

Jun 24 2022

Robotic process automation can bring resilience advantages to mission-critical IT and business processes but its introduction requires wider business planning....

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Why do we not believe…?

Jun 17 2022

This week, Charlie discusses the big question…why do we not trust warnings, that we believe to be completely outrageous? Also,...

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Defining RTOs – Help Needed

Jun 10 2022

This week, Charlie needs your help and advice when it comes to RTOs! Read on to learn more about his...

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