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Business Continuity in Saudi Arabia – It’s Good!

May 27 2022

In this bulletin, Charlie discusses business continuity in Saudi, where he has been conducting exercises and workshops. This week, I...

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Working in a Hybrid World – The Future of Incident & Crisis Management Rooms

May 20 2022

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) has been running this past week to raise awareness about the new hybrid work environment and...

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CYBERUK 2022 – What Did We Learn?

May 13 2022

Charlie shares his thoughts on the recent CYBERUK 2022 conference. This week Dawn, the Business Development Manager from PlanB Consulting,...

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Rota Power Cuts and an Old Incident Revisited – Auckland Power Outage, 1998

May 06 2022

This week, Charlie discusses his experience with power cuts in Johannesburg, and previous famous power cuts, such as in Auckland....

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What Happened to UK Data Privacy Compliance?

Apr 29 2022

It might be Brexit ‘no more European rules’ complacency or the all-consuming COVID-19 survival strategies – even a mixture of...

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Product Recall: A Checklist of Actions

Apr 22 2022

This week, Charlie creates a checklist for you to follow in case of a product recall situation. This week I...

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Revising Your Business Continuity Strategies in Response to the Rising Trend of Working Anywhere

Apr 08 2022

Lessons learnt from the recent massive shift to remote work mean organisations now need to rethink business continuity from a...

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Looking After Your People During a Cyber Incident

Apr 01 2022

This week, Charlie discusses why it is so important to look after your staff after a cyber incident. Yesterday, I...

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Scenario-specific Crisis Level Plans

Mar 25 2022

This week, Charlie discusses why scenario-specific plans are an important addition to business continuity plans. Over the last couple of...

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Hints and Tips for Delivering Online Business Continuity Training and Exercises

Mar 18 2022

Find out what tips Charlie has taken away from two years of training delegates online and remotely. It’s around the...

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Managing incidents ‘on the back foot’ – Britain’s poor response to issuing visas to Ukrainian refugees

Mar 11 2022

With the ongoing criticism of the UK’s visa scheme for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and the news that...

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Common Crisis Lessons Visible Within the Ukraine Conflict

Mar 04 2022

While in the midst of an international conflict, Charlie comments on the lessons we can all learn from the crisis...

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Crisis Communications – Do You Have a Team?

Feb 25 2022

Charlie lists his suggestions for organising your incident management to include communications roles, and what that may look like.

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Hurry Up and Wait…

Feb 18 2022

Waiting is an underrated skill. This week, Charlie discusses the importance of including waiting and lulls within your exercise plans....

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Case Study Zouma: Don’t Mess With Cats…

Feb 11 2022

This week, Charlie comments on how Raith Rovers and West Ham have handled their recent PR incidents, and what we...

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Boris, Watt and the Footballer

Feb 07 2022

Charlie discusses the three biggest headlines dominating the news this past week! He covers topics from Boris to BrewDog and...

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Still trying to manage business continuity or risk using spreadsheets? It’s time to move on…

Feb 04 2022

Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous tool in the business world, but they have limitations and if you are trying to manage...

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Five Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning

Jan 28 2022

There are various common areas where business continuity plans fall down. Here, Colin Jeffs highlights some of these, providing his...

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Ransomware Negotiation Tactics

Jan 21 2022

Charlie highlights the best advice from a great podcast all about ransomware. Read on to learn all about the best...

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Verisimilitude and its Importance in Exercises

Jan 14 2022

In today’s bulletin, Charlie explains how he creates excellent exercises for organisations to use and play out. Learn how to...

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Amedia AS Cyber Hack Case Study: A review of their crisis communications from 28th December 2021 – 7th January 2022

Jan 07 2022

A deep dive into the Amedia AS cyber hack which occurred over the holiday period. Charlie discusses in-depth all the...

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Top 10 Bulletins in 2021!

Dec 17 2021

Here are our top 10 bulletins from 2021! We hope you have enjoyed reading these insightful discussions as much as...

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Storm Arwen: Lessons Re-Identified?

Dec 10 2021

This week Charlie discusses Storm Arwen, the cycle of lessons following an incident and why business continuity professionals need to...

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Hints and Tips for Running SIMEX Exercises

Dec 03 2021

After delivering a number of SIMEX exercises in the past three months, Charlie shares the learning points from these, along...

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