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Beware of the self-wiggling mouse – Cyber vulnerabilities in the water industry

Feb 19 2021

This week Charlie looks at the risk of a cyber-attack and the importance of reviewing your vulnerability to water, wastewater...

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Business Continuity Capability – What is it and do I need it?

Feb 12 2021

Charlie looks at why building capability is important for implementing your business continuity plan. This week I have been working...

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Failing to plan is… The importance of contingency planning – The quarantine debacle

Feb 05 2021

This week Charlie discusses the importance of contingency planning. In this bulletin I try not to criticise the government, firstly,...

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The Yin and Yang of a Cyber Incident Response – The SEPA Cyber Incident: A Case Study

Jan 29 2021

This week Charlie looks at SEPA’s response to their recent cyber attack. On Christmas Eve, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency was hacked...

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Once COVID-19 is over, should we have a written pandemic plan? – A debate

Jan 22 2021

Should you have a pandemic plan in place? Join the debate. There is an old adage that “armies prepare to...

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Don’t do a Wilfred Owen – Look after yourself and those around you, as we see the beginning of the end of the pandemic

Jan 15 2021

This week Charlie discusses why now more than ever, it is important to protect yourself and those around you. A...

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2021 – We must keep ‘match fit’ and warmed up

Jan 08 2021

In our first bulletin of 2021, Charlie discusses why we need to continue to stay prepared for the coming year....

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Top 10 Bulletins of 2020

Dec 18 2020

With 2021 almost here, we thought we’d count down our Top 10 bulletins of 2020 – and what a year...

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The future of business continuity, post COVID-19

Dec 11 2020

In his last bulletin of 2020, Charlie discusses how COVID-19 has impacted the future of business continuity. This is my...

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Is the response to COVID-19 a business continuity issue?

Dec 04 2020

Is it time for Business Continuity Managers to step away from the COVID-19 response? Charlie discusses his thoughts on how...

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Ransomware attack: Who are you going to call, Mike?

Nov 26 2020

This week Charlies shares some key learning points on ransomware negotiation. This week I am going to share with you...

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Hackney Council’s Cyber Incident: A communications playbook of good practice?

Nov 20 2020

Charlie looks at what lessons can be learnt from the recent cyber-attack at Hackney Council. Kim, my wife and cyber...

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The difference between a generic response and contingency plans

Nov 13 2020

This week Charlie compares the differences between a generic response and contingency plans. This week has been very busy for...

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OUT NOW: Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Nov 06 2020

Charlie discusses what his new book contains and how it can be useful for your organisation. This week I received...

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Cyber Ransoms – Should I Pay?

Oct 30 2020

Charlie discusses the possible benefits of paying a cyber ransom and whether this is illegal. I thought this week I...

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AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER: Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Oct 23 2020

This week Charlie shares his new book. Available for pre-order now! Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan by...

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Avoiding burnout during your COVID-19 response

Oct 16 2020

Charlie discusses the effects of burnout on your staff and how to prevent it during your COVID-19 response. One theme...

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What is doxing, and should I be worried about it?

Oct 09 2020

Charlie looks at doxing, the different ways it can affect your organisation and how you should prepare. The short answer...

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Crisis Communications Support Teams – What are they and do I need one?

Oct 02 2020

Charlie discusses allocating crisis communications roles ahead of dealing with an incident within your organisation. This week I taught our...

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Marks out of 100 for the NZ Stock Exchange Cyber Incident Response

Sep 25 2020

Charlie looks at the recent cyber incident involving New Zealand’s Stock Exchange, and marks their response out of 100. I...

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Was COVID-19 a ‘Black Swan’? And why this is an important question…

Sep 18 2020

This week guest author Claire Powles discusses whether COVID-19 is a Black Swan within business continuity. Many commentators labelled the...

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My Thoughts On Online Exercises

Sep 11 2020

In today’s bulletin Charlie shares some thoughts on conducting exercises online. This week I conducted an online exercise and it...

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Logging in a Digital Age

Sep 04 2020

In today’s bulletin Charlie discusses how logging incidents has changed in the shift to remote working and online meetings. “If...

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COMING SOON! Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Aug 28 2020

Look out for Charlie’s book ‘Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan’ coming out this Autumn! The Aim...

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